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Archives Category: Marketing

No More "Marketing As Usual"

I believe that this is the most opportune moment for the owners and managers of both small and medium-sized business to make a commitment NOW to develop a Strategic Business and Marketing Plan and not wait for this economy or their market (s) to turn around.

Using Article Marketing to Create Continuous Evergreen Traffic

by Ed Duvall - Marketing via articles is one of the best forms of free advertising on or offline that is available for bringing new visitors to our websites.

Public Relations 101 - You Need a Publicity Virtual Assistant to Market Your Business

by Diana Ennen - In today's trying economy, it is extremely difficult to succeed. Small businesses and large businesses alike are facing record lows when it comes to sales. Even those in the service industry are seeing less and less clients sign up. So what's the answer? Easy, hire a publicity virtual assistant to help with all your PR needs.

Internet Marketing with Postcards
by Joy Gendusa - So, what do you do about this large percentage of the population who are not internet adept? They will only find out about you through traditional marketing and public relations media. This is particularly true if you serve a fairly local market. Fortunately these are the easiest and cheapest prospects for you to reach off-line.

Fighting The Fear As An Exhibitor
by Susan A. Friedmann, CSP - There is a time for soft, suggestive selling: that time is NOT in the middle of a consumer confidence crisis. This is instead the point where savvy exhibitors adopt a leadership role, positioning themselves as the expert within a marketplace, the go-to resource who can provide more than product: you're offering guidance, stability, and the assurance that the tough times will pass and that they can be survived, by smart, strategic decision making.

Why You Should Archive Your Ezines and Newsletters Online
by Trey Pennewell - As a publisher of ezines and newsletters, you know that customers always want more from your services. One way to provide customers a good service while increasing your search engine rankings is to place your ezine archives online.

Business Marketing Mistakes: 3 Marketing Mistakes Every Business Manager Makes
by Terri Langhans - Here are important marketing mistakes that just about every business manager out there makes, along with a recommended fix that will help you attract more business and get better results from your marketing, regardless of how big or small your marketing budget is.

Find Your Marketing Strength Part 1
by Kara Kelso & Anita DeFrank - There are hundreds of different ways to market your business both online and offline. While it's good in the beginning to test out various types of marketing, you'll eventually going to want to focus on how you market best.

Banner Advertising - The Importance Of Ad Placement In Increasing Web Site Traffic
by Said Issilam - Increasing web site traffic can be done effectively and somewhat inexpensively through online marketing methods like banner advertising. The key to successful banner advertising is to learn and understand the most effective methods and track what produces the best results and directs the most useful web site traffic to your web site.

How To Create Offers People Act On
by Judy Murdoch - A marketing issue that baffles and frustrates many small business owners is when they make an offer to sample a product or service they sell and there are no takers.

Word Of Mouth Publicity
by Sue Currie - All of you would know that word of mouth is a very powerful public relations weapon. But not everyone realises that one of the best ways of generating it is through publicity.

What Every Small Business Owner Must Know About Marketing
by Shonda Miles - When it comes to marketing a small business, you have probably made the same mistakes as others, which means you claim to offer the same benefits and services as others in the industry. Here are some tips and ideas for small business marketing.

How to Prepare Your First I-Pod TV Broadcast
by TJ Walker - Video and television are coming to a phone and I-Pod near you. It seems like I see a new story every single day in major business press about this video phenomenon. If you or your company is considering producing video to be seen on the phones or I-Pods of employees, clients and customers, you need to keep the following tips in mind.

Niche Marketing Is Your Key To Avoiding A Common Business Blunder
by Cliff Posey - Niche marketing occurs when you intentionally focus your marketing efforts on a targeted portion of the Internet or another similar market. These targeted portions, known as niche markets, provide a product or service for a defined group of customers who have very specific needs. Niche marketers address the need and market accordingly.

Take These 3 Steps to Stand Out From the Crowd
by Winnie Anderson - Customers choose the same old, same old when they can’t tell the difference between offerings. These steps will help them see why you’re the clear choice.

Introduction To Strategic Marketing
by Rok Hrastnik & Nikola Grubisa - After achieving both success and failure in marketing, it became evident to me that best results are produced when marketing is developed and implemented strategically and at the same time integrates all key marketing areas.

Eight Steps to Writing an Outstanding Podcast
by Courtland Bovee - Podcasts are on the cutting edge of business communication, allowing you to speak with your own voice directly to your audience. They add variety to your blog or website and prove that you know how to stay ahead of the pack.

5 Ways to Increase Your Profits With Mailing Lists
by Angela Wills - Do you have a mailing list? When was the last time you had a look at how profitable the list is for you and made sure everything was up to date?

Free Promotion: Signature Advertising
by Tammy Embrich - Signature advertising has proven to be an excellent (free) advertising source for online marketers today.

Tips for Press Coverage
by Sharon Housley - Here are some tips to enhance the exposure and quality of your press releases.

How to Avoid Eating Your Words: 10 Essentials for Networking at Tradeshows and Events
by Susan A. Friedmann - Every moment at a tradeshow is important. This includes, of course, all of the time you're on the show floor. Add to that the time you're not actively exhibiting but are on or near the floor -- visiting other exhibits, grabbing a bite to eat, or en route to your hotel room. You only have a limited amount of time to represent your organization to the gathered attendees, so you want to make the most of every minute.

3 Simple and Low Cost Marketing Ideass to Create Visibility
by Tracey Lawton - To help you decide which is the best strategy (or strategies) for you, I have listed the pros and cons of each one.

Traditional or Cutting Edge Radio?
by Patrysha Korchinski- Online business owners looking to expand their marketing mix to include radio advertising may wonder whether you’d be better off advertising on traditional radio or on an internet radio show.

Pointers for Podcasting
by Jason Cox -With the growing popularity of podcasting it seems to be catching on everywhere. It is becoming more common. No matter what it is for whether it is audio books, sermons or for educational purposes. Whatever the reason may be it seems to be one of the easiest forms of distributing information over the Internet so far.

How I Use Email Automatic Autoresponders
by Jeff Schuman - n email automatic responder or autoresponder is the second most important marketing tool I have to make money online. The first would be my hosting company. Without these two tools my internet marketing business is dead in the water.

Co-op marketing, The Revolutionary Marketing Concept
by Bizymoms - Co-op marketing which is already known as fusion marketing or tie-ins is one of the most rewarding, inexpensive, effective yet underused methods of marketing compared to the alternate methods of marketing. The saying “together every one achieves more” is highly applicable to this concept.

Forum Discussions and Getting Traffic for Your Business
by Lisa Roberts - Participating in discussion forums can mean profit for your business. How so? Any business with a website aims for traffic. The more people visit your business website the more chances you have of making more sales and acquiring new customers.

How A Pitch Can Grow Your Business - When someone asks you about what you do, do you have a ready answer? Or do you stumble and stammer trying to explain your business?

How A Pitch Can Grow Your Business
by Jill Hart - When someone asks you about what you do, do you have a ready answer? Or do you stumble and stammer trying to explain your business?

Promote Your Local Business Online And Offline
by George Meszaros - Nowadays, many people search online for services instead of reaching for the phone book.

An Effective Marketing Tip Means Business
by Mario Churchill - Is your business just coasting along? Has it been awhile since you’ve noticed a peak in sales? Are you looking for a way to increase business? An effective marketing tip could really make a positive difference in your business.

Super Savvy Internet Promotion
by Penny Sansevieri - What happens if you build a website and no one shows up? You spend hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on a site that gets a few visitors at best and certainly isn’t selling your books. For the most part, authors assume that Internet promotion stops once their site is up. But the harsh truth is that with all the sites popping up every day, yours will likely get lost in the shuffle unless you promote it.

Twelve Creative Ideas for Using Teleseminars to Grow Your Business
by Jan Marie Dore - Conducting teleseminars, or group learning conference calls, is a very effective strategy to promote your small business or professional practice and create additional streams of income.

7 Tips For Posting In Forums
by Alyice Edrich - When posting to forums, follow these simple tips to achieve true word- of-mouth advertising—all of which I am learning by trial and error, myself.

How To Find The Best Internet Marketing Training
by Titus Hoskins - So you want to be an Internet Marketer? You want to be your own boss. You want to set your own hours and work from the comfort of your own home, no matter where in the world you choose to live. You simply want the freedom working on the web gives you.

The Secret Of Newsgroups Marketing
by Dale King - How can you market your business using newsgroups? First of all, it's important to realize the sole purpose of Newsgroups is for research... NOT promotion and marketing.

Three Reasons you’ll be Podcasting Sooner or Later
by Kelly McCausey - n a recent networking situation a small business owner asked me an interesting question. “Have I missed the boat with Podcasting?”

Use A Press Release To Unleash A Flood Of Sales
by Dale King- If you've never used a press release to promote your business, you're missing out on one of the most potent sales generators of all time.

Tips For Developing Your Prospecting Skills
by Louis Bonaventura - Are your prospecting skills not up to par? Do you keep wondering why you are always getting rejected? Is it your business? Is it your products? Or is it you? Here's how to hone your prospecting skills to become a better prospector and take your network marketing business to new levels.

Declaring an Authentic Niche Market
by Molly Gordon - Your niche market is the place in which you have a natural competitive advantage because you occupy the right place in the right ecosystem.

The Power of Article Marketing
by Dale King - Ever since I've been online, I've been touting the amazing power of article marketing. Why? Because quite simply it works.

If It Ain't Broke...Leave It Alone!
by Dale King - One of the biggest mistakes I see both veteran and newbie marketers alike make is switching up and changing marketing campaigns that still work.

How to Create a Unique Selling Proposition for Your Online Business
by Donna Gunter - How good are you at being different and articulating your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? Why would a potential client want to do business with you instead of your competition?

Getting Excited About Marketing
by Robert Middleton - Are you excited about marketing your business? I've learned over the years, working with thousands of Independent Professionals, that the word EXCITING is about the last one most would use to describe marketing their business.

Online Article Marketing Brings Customers To You
by Tammy M. Ratcliff - If your are not making use of online article marketing to help promote your business, you may be passing up an unlimited amount of advertising opportunities.

Free Advertising On The Internet For Your Direct Sales Business
by Audrey Okaneko - Here are several forms of free advertising.

Avoiding The Third Degree Syndrome In Marketing
by Mark Silver - When you last wrote a flyer or a webpage, or when you last read one, what was the first bit of text on it, after the headline? I'm willing to bet you beads to bogarts that it was a series of questions.

Helpful Questions And Tips on Niche Marketing
by Molly Gordon - My clients and students are surprised and delighted to discover that a refined niche marketing strategy not only attracts significantly more business but also provides richer opportunities for self expression. To help you discern your own market niche, try using "where" and "who" questions like the following.

Want Website Traffic? Start A Free Blog
by Tammy Embrich - If you own a website, then you know how difficult it is to get exposure to it. Creating a blog is one of the best resources there is today for receiving that exposure.

The Amazing Money-Making Power of Internet Marketing Forums
by Dale King - One of my favorite ways of marketing my business is posting on various Internet marketing forums.

How to Conduct Effective Podcast Interviews
by Sharon Housley - Conducting a successful podcast interview can be a tricky proposition for a podcaster starting out. Once you have determined individuals that will appeal to your target audience contact potential interviewees and arrange a time to conduct the interview. Following this guide will insure that the interview goes off without a hitch.

Five Ways to Boost Your Marketing Power
by Terry Seymour - Building an online business is not easy, especially when you are on a very limited budget. As I come in contact with more people, I realize that numerous publishers and netpreneurs are overlooking some very effective free advertising opportunities.

Don’t Get Lost in the Details
by Mac McIntosh - It seems that we business-to-business marketers too often get caught up in the details of direct marketing, rather than concentrating on the things that are most important: the list, the offer and the results.

Internet Home Business Building Ideas : Forums
by Cynthia Minnaar - Whilst not all forum members are internet home business owners, most are trying to generate an online home income from a wide variety of different sources. Forums provide an essential platform for like minded people to network and draw on the vast amount of constantly changing internet business building ideas, knowledge and information available on the internet.

How to Locate Podsafe Music
by Sharon Housley - Nothing really polishes a podcast more than background music or theme music. In the music world, these music segments are referred to as intros and extros. While many enjoy streaming Internet Audio and recording songs they like over the Internet, these songs cannot legally be used in a podcast.

Direct Mail for Direct Sales
by Annette Yen - Although I love the possibilities of the Internet for marketing and building your direct sales business, there's nothing like the good old mail system for getting your name around your community and in front of your customers. Here are some tips for a successful direct mail marketing campaign for your direct sales business.

Making Your Podcast Standout
by Sharon Housley - Podcasts are relatively inexpensive to create, as a result, and the quality in published podcasts is extremely diverse. Corporate podcasts can be very polished audio productions while hobbyist experimenting with podcasts may have dogs barking and children's screaming in the background.

How Can I Market With Articles If I Can't Write?
by Bonnie Jo Davis - The shrewdest and most effective means of free advertising is through providing interesting and relevant information to your potential customers. You can do this easily by writing and distributing free reprint articles at various web sites around the 'net.

13 Tips to Maintaining and Growing a Feed Subscriber Base
by Sharon Housley - You have an RSS feed and you have worked hard to get the word out. According to your logs you have subscribers! Now the hard part: how to retain the subscribers to your RSS feed. Follow these simple steps to insure that your subscriber base will grow.

Business Advertising Ideas: Fax Machine Marketing
by Writing From Home - With the wide spread dislike of telemarketers, many home-based and small business owners are hesitant about using their own phone for advertising. However, there is another powerful marketing tool they tend to overlook, their fax machine.

13 Tips to Maintaing Feed Subscribers
by Sharon Housley - You have an RSS feed and you have worked hard to get the word out. According to your logs you have subscribers! Now the hard part: how to retain the subscribers to your RSS feed. Follow these simple steps to insure that your subscriber base will grow.

Marketing: What Works Best?
by Dale King - Should you use a long headline or a short headline in your marketing materials? Which one really works best? Well, there are solid arguments for using both.

What is Twitter?
by Dale King - In case you haven't heard, there's a "red hot" new messaging service sweeping the planet called Twitter. What's Twitter?

How To Succeed With A Newsletter (err, e-zine)
by Alyice Edrich - Owning a website is only half the battle when it comes to online marketing and advertising. Visitors need to see your services and/or products a minimum of seven times before they'll even consider purchasing your time, services, or products. But how do you keep visitors coming back to your website?

How to Write Articles That Will Increase Traffic to Your Website
by Donna Gunter - How can you write article that increase traffic to your website? Here are 10 strategies I am successfully using.

Design Your Own Newspaper Ads
by Big Mike McDaniel - Many people in business lay-out (design) their own ads. That old adage "If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me" prevails. Do it yourself and you may get what you want.

Podcasting Do's and Don'ts
by Sharon Housley - Consider following these simple podcasting tips to get the most from your podcast and make it stand out from other podcasts in the crowd.

Business/Product Publicity: Market To The Media First
by Todd Brabender - As detailed as their marketing research might have been, very few business owners are as meticulous at determining their proper "media market" - that is, all those media outlets whose editorial profiles are a match to a product/business profile and would be appropriate for generating media exposure and publicity.

How to Write Articles That Will Increase Traffic to Your Website
by Donna Gunter - How can you write article that increase traffic to your website? Here are 10 strategies I am successfully using.

The Truth About Bum Marketing
by Dale King - One of the hottest marketing trends going on right now is something called "Bum Marketing."

Top Eight Reasons Why Holding Teleclasses Is The Best Way To Grow Your Business
by Kelly Robbins - Let's take a look at some of the benefits to growing your business by holding seminars or classes over the phone.

Top 10 Article Writing and Submission Mistakes That Stop Sales
by Judy Cullins - Have you submitted articles to the high-traffic web sites and article directories, but had few people come to your site to buy?

A Quiz: Test Your Podcasting Knowledge
by Sharon Housley - How much do you know about podcasting? Take the podcast quiz and test your knowledge.

The 10 Most Influential Internet Marketers
by Dale King - This article is a subjective list of the ten most influential Internet marketers. I could have easily included more than ten marketers, but I had to draw the line somewhere. So, if you don't see your favorite Internet marketer on the list, please don't be offended. I purposely excluded individuals whom are known primarily for one particular talent.

Internet Marketing for 2007 - Affordable Efficiency
by Bonnie Davis - If you pay attention to online marketing, you are constantly inundated with people who sell the so-called "secrets" to brand new marketing techniques on the Internet.

Setting Up a Live Broadcast on the Internet
by Geoff Leff - Broadcasting live content over the Internet isn't as difficult as people would think.

The Truth About Marketing On MySpace
by Dale King - Newsflash: Marketing your products and services on will NOT work.

What is a Press Release, and How Can it Benefit My Home-Based Business?
by Melissa Ingold - A lot of home-based business owners don’t fully understand the concept behind press releases, or realize the impact a simple press release can have on their small business.

Top Ten Reasons to Write Articles to Publicize your Business
by Judy Cullins - If you have spent time and money down the drain waiting for "word of mouth" to kick in, or multiple hours on networking meetings, you may want to investigate this number one way to publicize your service or products.

How to Generate Leads and Customers From Classified Ads
by Hippo-Marketing - If done properly, classified ads can easily generate you a ton of leads & business. The key of course would be placing the classified ad in the proper category.

Free Promotion: Signature Advertising
by Tammy Embrich - Signature advertising has proven to be an excellent (free) advertising source for online marketers today.

The Secret Weapon Every Savvy Exhibitor Should Use
by Susan Friedmann - Recruiting an all-volunteer sales force to augment your existing efforts is one of the most cost effective ways to get your marketing message out there.

How To Write Headlines That Get Read
by Michele Pariza - Headlines are the most important part of a print ad.

How to make your website an effective PR tool
by Sally Falkow - Your web site is your online face to the world. It needs to be an effective internet marketing and PR tool that gets return on your investment and produces qualified leads that turn into customers.

To Stand Out and Make Your Business Shine
by Erin Ferree - Thoughtfully defining your business—and your differentiation—will help you to understand who you are, what you do, and what makes you different.

Why And How To Create An Information Product
by Mark Silver - Have you put off, or given up entirely, the idea of writing that book, or creating a CD or DVD, for your business? Maybe you've let that idea slip away because you thought your business wasn't suited to it.

Top 10 RSS Do's and Don'ts
by Sharon Housley - RSS is not quite a household word, but technically astute individuals are adopting the use of RSS feeds at an alarming rate. If you are interested in jumping on the bandwagon, but not quite sure of where to start, consider following these simple RSS feed tips to maximize feed compatibility and make your feed stand out from the crowd.

Smart And Practical Advertising Ideas
by Mario Churchill - The most tedious part of advertising is the conceptualization of the idea. Even experienced writers on this field sometimes get stuck for an idea. Check out the checklist below which can help out when you're wedged for an idea.

Keeping Up Business Momentum This Season
by Carrie Lauth - Here are a few ideas that will help you keep the momentum going in your business even while you play a little bit.

How To Improve Your Ads Conversion Rate
by Cathy Qazalbash - Your advertising campaign is the lifeblood of your business but if your ads are bringing low conversion rates you need to analyze the factors that could be causing this.

Advertising Is All About Benefits
by BIG Mike McDaniel - Think benefits and you have a leg up on your competition. The secret is, advertising benefits, works, and most people in business don't know it.

Niche Marketplace Demands Exhibitor Efficiency
by Susan A. Friedmann - Niche marketing isn't just tomorrow's trend -- it's today's reality.

The Truth About Pop-ups
by Dale King - Unless you've been living in a cave, during the Internet revolution, you've no doubt encountered pop-ups.

Differentiate and Dominate
by John Jantsch - Quite often small business owners will ask me to reveal the most powerful marketing strategy I have seen. I can say without hesitation that the most powerful marketing strategy has little to do with advertising, direct mail, web sites, referrals or blogs.

Advertising For Beginers
by Graham Winmill - When advertising, you need to promote your U.S.P (Unique Selling Point), your products, and yourself. What sets you and your product apart from everyone else?

Write Articles To Presell
by Dale King - If you own an online business - any online business, and you're not preselling that business, you're leaving a ton of money on the table.

Advertising Strategies: Calculating Banner Advertising Rates
by Robbie Darmona - There are many types of advertising strategies used by different people. Upon testing which strategy will be best for you, you should remember that one strategy may have different results with different people.

Offline Marketing Your Web Site – Don’t Overlook the Obvious
by Tammy Ames - How many hours a week do we spend online trying to finesse our online business success with little or no progress? I would venture a guess ~ to many! Don’t overlook the obvious! Offline marketing is the fastest way to generate interest in your business web site.

Article Marketing Strategies: Selecting The Best Sites & Ezines For Your Article Marketing Campaign
by Eric Gruber - Writing and marketing articles online is probably the most effective, most cost-effective way to publicize your website, and promote your products and services online.

Seven Tips for Marketing Your Seminar
by Cathy Goodwin - Want to begin offering workshops (by phone or in person) to attract clients and maybe build another revenue stream?

Creating a Buzz on a Budget
by Jeff Solochek - When starting a new business most people are trying not to overspend. So one of the places they cut back on is in advertising which is actually very important when starting a new venture.

Marketing Strategy: Developing a Website Marketing Plan
by Bobette Kyle - For many of us, finding the time and commitment to develop an online marketing strategy is difficult. There are so many other obligations vying for our attention it is tempting to push strategies to the back burner. Giving into that temptation, however, means putting your business at a disadvantage.

Guide to Free Advertising
by Rebecca Gilbert - When I first started my internet home business, I realized that in order to make money I would have to bring visitors to my website. I didn't have a lot of extra cash laying around, and my mentality at the time was "Why would I pay for it, when I can get it for free?"

Web Sales Can Increase Your Crafting Revenue
by Natalie Goyette - Have you thought of a website for your crafts? This is the ultimate craft show - millions of people can access your information and your products, and you have limited set up fees - and orders can be placed while you are sleeping snug in your bed at night.

Without Market Research You Could Find Yourself Fishing In An Empty Pond
by Tim Knox - It’s when we take our customer’s wants and needs for granted that we fail as entrepreneurs and our lines sit in the water undisturbed.

Marketing - Don't Overlook Offline for Online
by Scott Rauber - Most of us who have online businesses are guilty. What are we guilty of in our advertising promotions? The failure to consider the viability of offline marketing techniques, particularly custom-imprinted promotional items that people use each and every day. Not just once a day, but throughout their day.

Pop Windows in Internet Marketing
by Peter Mitham- Studies have shown that pop-up windows are still an effective method of Internet marketing. Is there some way that pop-up windows can be less irritating and still be effective?

Create A Marketing Edge With Positioning
by Ivan Kelly - Internet Marketing is largely about positioning. And a key part of positioning is building a trusting and reliable relationship with your prospects and customers. This isn't difficult to do and it helps you move towards that most desirable of states - a marketing edge.

10 Ways to Market Your Article offline
by Lisa Schulte - So now you have a name and you’re ready to market it. There are many ways to market online, however you can market offline with much success. Here are some ideas to get you started.

You Asked - Why Write An E-book?
by Edwin Lim - This is the perfect time to write an e-book. What the publishing industry needs are people who can tap into the world as it is today - innovative thinkers who can make the leap into the new millennium and figure out how to solve old problems in a new way.

Website Promotion Exposure Through Trade Journals
by Anne Marie Baugh - Every single business has its trade organizations and publications for which they stay on top of their own trends. Break into these arenas and you will find rich resources for building your sales.

Begin at the Beginning: Secrets for Success
by Susan Friedmann - You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It's a saying so true that it has become cliché -- a phrase used by suit salesmen and purveyors of shampoo -- but it's a saying that should serve as a motto for your booth staff.

How To Choose The Best Directories For Your Article Writing Campaign
by Deanna Mascle - If you have spent any time at all researching internet marketing strategies then you know that writing articles can help position you as an expert in your field, gain valuable targeted traffic for your web site, drive leads to your products, grow your email list, and quickly multiple your site's text links.

Question Everything
by John Jantsch - People make buying decisions in ways that we may find hard to imagine. The mental, logical process and the emotional, feel good process come together at some point in every sale. The problem, though, is that this process is invisible to the marketer. Here's my best advice for making sure that your marketing materials hit the logical and emotional mark.

In Internet Marketing The Only Certainty Is Constant Change
by Kirk Bannerman - "If you don't like the weather, just wait for 10 minutes"... This old saying which addresses the variability of the weather in Montana is also applicable to the market dynamics for an online business. If there is one thing that is certain about the future of online marketing, it is that it will continue to change.

How to Write Results-Oriented Web Pages, Sales letters, Ads, and Flyers
by Joel Sussman - Here are some key guidelines and pointers for getting noticed, generating interest, and persuading people to respond to your offer.

20 Tips for the Perfect Mailshot
by Simon Davies - You've heard the classic formula, AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Buy how do you grab attention, turn interest into desire and prompt an action that's sure to get the phones ringing? Here's 20 tips to ease you through the trauma of getting strangers excited.

Marketing Power of RSS Content Syndication
by Michelle McClory - RSS content syndication is relatively new legitimate practice in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Marketing professionals specializing in SEO techniques are beginning to recognize the value of RSS content syndication however, and it seems that the more popular this technique becomes the more effective the results.

Test Marketing--How to Increase Your Direct Mail Marketing Response by Using the Internet to Test
by Alan Boyer - I’ve discovered a really fantastic way to discover what works best in direct marketing, BEFORE doing traditional direct marketing. Use these internet tools to find what works best, then apply what you’ve learned to your traditional direct marketing, direct mail, etc.

Guide to a Profitable Marketing Mix
by Bobette Kyle - Your marketing mix means the combination of promotions, products, places (distribution channels), and prices you chose for your business. Including both short term and long term strategies in the marketing mix can make for a more profitable business.

Getting Smart with Your Choice of Catalogs Printing Company
by Jinky Mesias - Catalog printing is not a new concept in business marketing in fact a great number of businesses is already employing catalogs as their marketing materials. However it is important that the catalogs employed for advertising are attractive and well designed. Catalogs that are quality made are effective in selling products and services for just about any type of business.

Define Your Difference - To Stand Out and Make Your Business Shine!
by Erin Ferree -Thoughtfully defining your business and your differentiation - will help you to understand who you are, what you do, and what makes you different.

Make a Referral Offer They Can't Refuse
by John Jantsch - Sometimes your referral marketing effort just needs the right hook or offer to get people to pay attention and participate. Draw from my top 5 referral offer starters and think of ways to creatively wrap your business around one or more of them.

Tips to Promoting an RSS Feed
by Sharon Housley - There is little argument from webmasters and publishers that RSS brings in traffic. So once you've made the leap and created a feed, how do you tell your visitors about the feed?

The Power of Podcasting: What Exhibitors Need To Know
by Susan Friedmann - Capturing the attention of today's mass-media savvy consumer is quite a trick. Consider the competition: streaming video on the desktop computer, television shows on your cell phone, video game consoles that allow you to play with competitors halfway around the world. How in the world are you going to get a consumer who has all of these entertaining options available to pay attention to your products and services? Enter the podcast.

Boost Sales Through Inexpensive Press Releases
by Al Kernek - Inexpensive online press releases are a wonderful vehicle for getting your message out to the marketplace.

How To Use Teleseminars To Build Your Business
by John Jantsch - Holding educational workshops has always been a very good way to build business. The problem with this strategy though is that it has become increasingly difficult to get prospects to come to workshop type events. In addition, the cost of holding a physical event involving a room, refreshments and audio visual equipment makes this type of event a sometimes risky venture.

Do Tradesmen Like Plumbers Need A Basic Website?
by Densill Bosward - Small traders gain a number of advantages when they use a web builder to create an informative website.

Social Networking Sites Keep Vsitors Coming Back
by Rich Carter - These days, if you want to make sure that your getting, holding, and retaining website visitors that are hungry for whatever it is that you might have to offer then you will want to make sure that you keep up with the new trend of social networking.

How Aggressive Is Your Marketing?
by Charlie Cook - Whether you scored 1 or 10 on the quiz, there are steps you can take to improve your marketing and grow your business. You understand what your prospects want; use your marketing to motivate them to buy from you. Remember that aggressive marketing is about demonstrating your determination, energy, and initiative.

Marketing: Where To Place Your Offline Ads
By Aaron Turpen of Aaronz WebWorkz - Many people new to business or who have just started their own business are at a loss when it comes to marketing. I know I was when I first started. Marketing your business online is one step, but what about offline?

Education is the Key for Success in Internet Marketing
by Mike Paolieri - More and more people are considering the World Wide Web as a great opportunity to offer their products and services to a new, bigger market or even as a chance to create entirely new businesses online.

Podcast Promotion Tips
by S. Housley - Podcasting is a great new medium, but creating a podcast is only half of the work. Promoting a podcast is equally critical to it's success.

Five Reasons Podcasting Might Be Right For Your Home-based Business
by Jill Hart - Podcasting can have many uses for the home based business owner. It can be useful not only advertise, but to also communicate your business message. Below are 5 tips on how to use podcasts to benefit your business.

Outsource your Product Marketing
by Ranjith T - Effective marketing of software solutions requires an understanding of buyer persona and needs. This needs to be incorporated as the basis for developing a business development strategy to effectively position the solution and focus the sales effort on the right segment of sales prospects.

Top Seven Lessons Learned in Article Marketing
by Judy Cullins - Use a professional's five year success plan that you can replicate yourself. Quit what is not working and start writing and submitting articles.

What Is It - an Answer Machine or Voice Mail?
by Big Mike McDaniel - Voice mail response can be an effective sales tool. Voice mail is one of many tools the professional uses to get the job done right.

Podcasting for Learning & Sales Enablment
by Tim Keelan - What do Duke University, IBM, Capital One, Newsweek and Barenaked Ladies all have in common? Answer: they are all reaching out to staff, students, and customers with a new and powerful tool – podcasting.

Online Marketing: Online Auctions
by Aaron Turpen of Aaronz WebWorkz - Many people have not considered the value of using online auction houses, such as eBay and Yahoo! Auctions, to promote their own businesses. No matter your business, with a little creativity, you can use this tool to market yourself

Direct Mail - For Small Businesses
by Alan Fairweather - We hear a lot of talk about junk mail nowadays. Many people will tell you that they dump it straight in the trash. But why do you think so many organizations send out so called junk mail - because it works!

Blogs, Podcasting, And RSS Within Ecommerce
by Craig Smith - You probably have heard all these terms an awful lot lately. You wonder about what these technologies do? What value to they provide? If you aren't up to speed on these new applications and how they are impacting retail online interaction then read this brief further.

Unusual Marketing Ideas
by AnnaLaura Brown - If you have a home-based business and sell products or services the following are some ways to promote your business that are a bit unusual and out of the ordinary.

Should You Buy Text Links?
by Matt Colyer - You can rank number one (Or at least in the top ten) for just about any search phrase by just buying text link ads, even if the web site isn't related to the search phrase in anyway, it can still rank in the top ten of the search results. Some web site owners see this as the only true way to the top ten. So, should you buy your way to the top? Or should you play it safe?

How To Get Free Radio Advertising
by Daegan Smith - "P.I." stands for per inquiry. This is a kind of advertising most generally associated with broadcasting, where you pay only for the responses you get to your advertising message.

9 Secret Ways To Boost Your Business With Teleseminars
by Tania Baildon - Teleseminars are a great way to prospect, sell, stay in touch with current customers and clients, build your list, and so much more. Here are just some of the ways you can use teleseminars to boost your business.

Create your own Streaming Audio studio for under $50.00
by Quentin Brown - Creating your own Streaming Audio audio studio has never been easier. There are so many great products around today that will allow you to produce high quality streaming audio for a fraction of the price it used to cost.

Ideas on Promoting Your Home Business Opportunity
by Stefani Partin - Have you got yourself into a home business opportunity but don’t know where to begin to generate yourself some leads? That happens among many of us that join a home business opportunity, you are not alone.

The Art Of Display
by Don De Para - Every day you are surrounded by displays. There are so many types of displays, some that may not even come to mind when you think of the word “display”.

Ezine as a Viral Marketing Tool
by Douglas Peirseille - A very popular method of marketing ezines and newsletters is by making them viral. If your newsletter contains information of value, such as tips, hints, news or tutorials, you’ll find that subscribers will forward it on to others.

Top 7 Reasons to Submit Your Articles to A New Article Directory Submission Website
Why would you want to take the time though, to submit your articles to a site that is just starting out or has very few articles posted yet. Here are several reasons..

Knowing When is Enough
by Michael J Garrett - How many times hove you been to a website and could not tell where the ads stop and the content begins? You spend a few minutes trying to figure out what the site does? And then you leave. Knowing when is enough can be a tricky thing.

Does Your Business Card Have an Ad on the Back?
by BIG Mike McDaniel - You stand out from the crowd when your business card is a professional marketing piece, both sides. Nothing on the back is wasted space. You paid for it, you should use it.

Should You Get Involved In Reciprocal Linking!
by Amrou Sukhon - There is an ongoing discussion about the benefits and drawback involved in reciprocal linking and both sides make persuasive arguments. So, should you or should you not get involved in reciprocal linking?

Stop Complaining and Make a Change
by Alice Seba - If you’re letting your business die because lower cost services are coming in – it’s time for a wake up call. Complaining isn’t going to get you anywhere, except possibly bankruptcy.

Science of Advertising and How to Benefit From It
by Arun Pal Singh - It is very important to realize that persons buy from you. It is the mind at other end of the internet who will decide a sale from you. Thus it is very essential to know how your customer's psychology works.

Closing in on Effective Advertising
by Alex Kecskes - You’re spending a ton on advertising and you’re just not getting the results you expected.Customers aren’t calling. Nobody knows who you are. Or worse yet, they’re confusing you with your competition. Is it the writing? The design? The positioning? Here’s an unusual approach to closing in on why your ads aren’t working.

Advertising On Web - Do's and Don'ts
by Lata Tokhi - Advertising your business in the correct manner is a sure shot key to success. Advertising helps you to reach out to a larger number of people from other websites. You definitely cannot expect these many people to come to you on their own.

The Testimonial Writing Machine
by John Jantsch - Almost every small business marketer knows that they should gather testimonials to use in their marketing materials. The problem though is that getting your clients, the ones who know your greatness, to sit down with a blank sheet of paper and crank out a glowing testimonial can be a bit of a chore.

Online Marketing: Online Auctions
by Aaron Turpen -Many people have not considered the value of using online auction houses, such as eBay and Yahoo! Auctions, to promote their own businesses. No matter your business, with a little creativity, you can use this tool to market yourself.

Is Traditional Advertising Dead?
by Internet Based Moms - Is traditional advertising which includes billboards, radio, television, newspaper and magazines dead?

Is Your Business Card Correct or Corrected?
by BIG Mike McDaniel - Imagine how many business cards exchange hands every day. Now, imagine how many of those cards have some kind of correction on them; address scratched through, phone number changed. You wouldn't go into a business meeting with duck tape holding your sleeve together, and you shouldn't hand out a business card that is corrected instead of correct.

Peddling Your Own Wagon Through Local Exposure
by Bonnie Jo Davis - While online marketing has unlimited potential it often misses a valuable mark. This missed mark is your own local area. You could be missing out on immediate opportunities to market your expertise through your writing.

Ideas For Small Store Owners
by Jodie Deen - Just when you thought you had run out of things to try, here are five ideas to customize and apply in your store to increase sales and gain the edge on your competition.

Trade Show Giveaways: What Works
by Matt Kelly - You have your trade show exhibit ready to go, the trade show booth is set up, and your product is a winner. Now all you need are the customers. Standing room only, please. Right?

The MLM Question: Should I Sell Or Should I Recruit?
by Donovan Baldwin - It's a great question without an equally great answer.

5 Powerful Article Writing Tips
by Terri Seymour - Writing articles is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful methods of building your reputation and your online business. Not only do you get unlimited exposure, but it is free as well.

Ideas on Promoting Your Home Business Opportunity
by Stefani Partin - Have you got yourself into a home business opportunity but don’t know where to begin to generate yourself some leads? That happensamong many of us that join a home business opportunity, you are not alone. Many will join and give up before really putting any effort into the business. Those who are determined will put forth effort and succeed with effort.

How To Create The Ultimate Small Business Marketing System In 7 Simple Steps
by John Jantsch - A marketing system by my way of thinking is a simple (in many cases one page) document that specifically answers who you are, what you do, who needs it, how you plan to grab them by the throat, when you plan to do it and how you plan to pay for it…in a way that everyone in your organization, network, and client base can clearly understand.

How To Make The Most Of An Online Chat
by Marie Ynami - Online chats has become one of the more popular ways for work at home moms to network online. I have enjoyed attending and participating in online chats and have met a lot of interesting wahms. Below are some tips I want to share to help you make the most of online chats.

The Present and Future of Pop Windows in Internet Marketing
by Gail McLaurin - Is there some way that pop-up windows can be less irritating and still be effective?

4 Ways of Increasing Your Profits Using Images
by Barrett Phillips - Images not only can create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for users, but they can also (and more importantly) help you gain credibility, and ultimately sales if done correctly. Here are some great ways to increase your credibility.

Using Product Reviews to Build Your Online Business
by Mom City - Consumer product reviews are independent opinions about the products that you sell. While anyone can put up a storefront website and write rave reviews about their own products, independent product reviews provide an unbiased opinion about your merchandise that adds credibility to your site.

How to Advertise with Flyers
by Terri Seymour - When you first start out on your business venture, money is usually tight but you still need to advertise. One of the most affordable, yet very effective, ways to begin your advertising campaign is with flyers.

Understanding Radio Speak
by BIG Mike McDaniel - Every industry has its own jargon. Radio is no different. To communicate with the radio salesperson and get what you want, you should know and understand the radio terms.

How to Create a Multi-Functional Newsletter to Promote Your Freelance Business and Secure More Work
by Brian Konradt - Harness the following techniques and you won't be a freelancer who calls it quits. Your business newsletter will be different and powerful. It'll serve as a business-builder, lead-generator, and repetitive project-producing money-making marketing tool.

Create Buzz for Your Business via a Contest!
by Anthony Jewell - A very easy way to get more people to your site and also more interested in what you offer is to start your own online contest.

Instant Content; Converting a Text Article to a Podcast
by Sharon Housley - Businesses quickly found that power point presentations could be converted into technical articles, or forum posts could be ported to become a basis for a list of frequently asked questions. Along a similar vein webmasters have located a new advent in repurposed content is reusing text articles by converting them into audio podcasts.

Can you spot A Perfectly Awful Ad Opportunity?
by Kelly McCausey - It would be great if the first step in your business development started with a Target Market - then you could brainstorm about what they need and want and come up with a product or service to market to them. But since you probably already have a product in mind, you have to work backwards.

Reaching Local Customers With Online Sales
by Rick Hendershot - If you are already in business and you are thinking of promoting your products or services online, one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is "Do I have a product I can sell online?" This question is at the very heart of the decision whether or not to try online marketing.

Five Myths of Internet Marketing for Independent Professionals
by C.J. Hayden - So what does that mean for the independent professional whose web presence is primarily aimed at selling his or her own personal services? You know, services delivered the old-fashioned way, by humans interacting face-to-face or at least voice-to-voice. At best, the average professional is likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of Internet marketing advice available. At worst, he or she is being seriously misled by it.

How to Write Foolproof Media Releases
by Matt Bacak - Are you looking for inexpensive ways to promote yourself or your business? Well, read on about media releases, one of the most cost effective promotion vehicles available. Free publicity resulting from a media release sounds good, but how do you go about getting it? The first step is to write foolproof media releases.

Cross Promoting Techniques that Work
by Nial Robbins - Cross promotions are not a new idea. There are many ways to use cross promotions in your internet business that can be an effective and cost efficient way to advertise.

Truths and Lies of Internet Marketing
by Riley McBride - Exposed - the truths and lies about Internet marketing. Dispel the myths once and for all, revel in your new found wisdom. Learn what it takes to run with the new breed of marketer.

Stepping Outside the WAHM Zone
by Kara Kelso & Anita DeFrank - Advertising to others in business is not going to create the most sales for you. What will create more sales is being an active member of a community that's filled with your potential customers without a competitor in sight.

Internet Advertising Options
by Nial Robbins - There is so much competition, that you must take drastic measures to ensure that you are getting noticed. Advertising can be done in so many ways online.

How to Identify and Make the Most of Your Business's Special Something
by Heather Reimer - How much thought have you given to what's unique about your ebusiness... its competitive edge? Many new web entrepreneurs are in such a hurry to get their site up and running, they breeze past this extremely important question.

Survey Says
by Jeff Schuman - Do you have a list of e-mail addresses of your customers or prospects? Do you have a list of e-zine subscribers? If you have their permission, send them an e-mail survey to conduct market research.

Are You Running Your Online Business On Half Empty?
by Mal Keenan - You MUST put the tactics and strategies recommended into practice, even if it is a little bit at a time. Sometimes you just need to make a start. Most marketing services out there are well worth the cost if put to use.

What It Takes To WIN The Marketing Game
by Charlie Cook - Marketing a business is like any game. If you know the rules you are much more likely to w1n. Are you spending your limited time and money on advertising, networking, making calls, mailings, meeting with prospects, yet only achieving middling results?

Fueling the Ideal - Marketing with Articles
by Bonnie Jo Davis - The marketing with articles technique helped turn my dream of working from home full-time into a precious reality that has made a positive impact for both my son and me.

Home Business Advertising Is Not An Expense
by Ken Leonard Jr. - Do you cringe at the thought of spending more and more money to advertise your home business, product or service each month? If you can change the way you look at advertising costs and change the way you advertise, your home business will grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Beyond Traditional Marcom Building Marketing That Sells
by Todd Mintz - When the word Marketing comes up, most people immediately think of fancy ad campaigns and big budgets. They may make you feel good, but in today’s economy, a small business on a tight budget can only afford to spend dollars on marketing programs that actually drive sales leads in the door.

Are Coupons Effective as a Marketing and Promotion Strategy?
by Greg Balanko-Dickson - The problem with discounts and coupons is that you're giving away a portion of your profits before you even had a chance to make a dime! Whereas, rewarding a customer for past purchases -- you are spending money out of the profits that you made from the business they gave you.

What is the Shelf Life of Your Marketing?
by Charlie Cook - Your marketing information is perishable like a loaf of bread. Leave it on the shelf for longer than 7-10 days and its stale as far as the majority of your prospects are concerned.

The Truth About Traffic Exchange Programs and Guaranteed Traffic
by Dean Phillips - Because of rampant cheating and poor conversion ratios, Traffic Exchange Programs just aren't worth the effort.

Website Promotion Through Newsletters
by Paul Jesse - There is one particular way to increase traffic to your Web site that is inexpensive, and that is web site promotion through newsletters.

A Marketing Consultant Explains... How to Harness Energy to Build a Stronger Business
by Barbara Casey - Loving what you do so much that The Law of Attraction can't help but bring you compatible individuals who resonate with what you have to offer. The key is to focus and then raise the energy to that higher place of your soul's urging, so you can find those other souls who recognize your energy and the truth of your mission.

Turn One-Time "Hits" Into Repeat Visitors
Any savvy website owner knows that it takes a lot of work, time, and money to bring a visitor to your site for the first time. Smart marketers also know that it rates a lot easier and cheaper to get people to come back for a return visit than to attract them for the first time.

E-Commerce & Streaming Media - A Marriage That Works
By Ronni Rhodes - Utilize streaming media to capture your audience's attention and to focus on the aspects of your product that will generate a sale.

Science of Advertising and How to Benefit From It
by Arun Pal Singh - It is very important to realize that persons buy from you. It is the mind at other end of the internet who will decide a sale from you. Thus it is very essential to know how your customer's psychology works.

6 Simple Ways to Determine Which Marketing Ideas Are Best for Your Business
by Jennifer McCay - Did something catch your eye in a direct mailing this past week? Have you recently gone to a website and encountered something entirely new that you'd like to try out? Did a friend of yours try out a new marketing idea and generate a few thousand dollars of extra business overnight? As a small business owner, it's all too easy to get caught up in the hype of new marketing techniques that promise quick rewards for little cash.

Fallacies Regarding Online Home Based Businesses
by Kirk Bannerman - There is a misconception that you can come online and set up an Internet based business and be making big money within a few days. This is absolute hogwash and it has not been my experience nor the experience of anyone I have come in contact with through my online business activities.

The Power Of Viral Marketing
by David Bell - Viral marketing, the concept of making each customer a marketer by encouraging word-of-mouth referrals, is indisputably one of the most effective mediums of ongoing self-promotion a site can employ. It gives Internet companies a cost-efficient, proven tool to increase traffic and lower advertising costs.

Niche Marketing : The Power Of Articles
by André Anthony - If you haven't considered the power of articles as part of your niche marketing strategy, then you should. Articles are a great way to drive targeted traffic to your web site, no matter what your niche market may be.

10 Essential Criteria For Choosing Your Target Market
by Tessa Stowe - Why choose a target market?, You need to decide exactly who our audience is before you sell your services. Deciding on your target market lays a critical foundation for your business.

3 Ways to Make More This Summer While Working Less
by Charlie Cook - Running your own business or marketing department often means working long hours. Wouldn't you like to cut back this summer, ease up a little, maybe take a few Friday afternoons off or get away on vacation? How can you do this and still keep - or build - marketing momentum?

Flushing Website Advertising Money
by Jim Daniels - There are three questions you MUST ask before buying website advertising online.

Effective Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions
by Jeff Schuman - Are you involved in affiliate marketing. Would you like to make more money and sell more products. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Should I Use Pop-Up Ads?
by Ronald Vyhmeister - Web advertising has taken many forms, including those that appear within the Web page as an in-line graphic, as well as those that "pop up" (over) or "pop under" a browsing window. If you are considering the use of pop ups on your website as an advertising method, this article provides some points you should consider.

Why You Should Use (Not Abuse) Forums to Increase Your Traffic
by Tinu AbayomiPaul - There are dozens of reasons why you should look up the forums that are related to your market and post to them often. Here are 3 to get you started.

How Opt-in Email Marketing Helps You In Your Online Business
by Evelyn Lim - How do you, as a online marketer, ensure that your marketing messages reach your customer? What steps can you take so that your marketing campaign is “read”, “seen” or “heard”? The answer: Provide opt-in email marketing.

Improving Lead Generation and Conversion Rates: Think Like a Farmer
by Charlie Cook - Use your marketing strategy and lead generation system to bring in many more prospects and increase your conversion rates. When you do you'll find yourself with a bountiful crop of new clients.

Direct Mail Marketing Now As Easy As Email
by Michael Lemm - With MOL “mailing online", you can escape the dreary part of direct mail marketing - the printing, the stuffing, the stamps, etc. MOL users simply create a document, upload it to the MOL website with their mailing list and credit card information, and press “go”. Within 48 hours, the members of your mailing list are receiving the marketing message in their postal mailboxes.

What Is Pay Per Call? How Does It Work?
By Joe Balestrino - Pay Per Call is the next wave of advertising on the Internet. Similar to a Pay – Per –Click advertising. Pay Per Call has a lot more to offer and a wider audience in mind. The Pay-Per Call (PP-Call) is geared towards small businesses that do not have a web presence on the internet. However, this form of advertising can be used by all types of business or services offered on the net.

Direct Marketing: Overlooked, Underappreciated and Unstoppable
by Brian Rice - Every business needs customers, but more importantly every business needs to maintain those customers while constantly retaining new ones. The only successful way of doing this is by learning everything about your customers, including who they are? What do they have in common? Do they share a hobby, an age range, a life stage, or a geographic community? Can you break them down into groups? The answers to these questions hold a wealth of information for you.

Top Seven Ways to Write your Print or eBook Fast
by Judy Cullins - The best way to brand your business is to author a book. It's cheaper, faster, and better received than CD's or audios. Attract clients and customers, be known as the savvy expert, make consistent income for life, and share your useful how-tos with your audience.

Use Online Diaries Instead Of Testimonials
by Jeff Schuman - Have your customers publish an online diary instead of giving you a testimonial. The diary would include regularly updated entries of how customers are using your product to improve their life. You could give customers a free product or a rebate in exchange for them publishing it online.

Use Online Diaries Instead Of Testimonials
by Jeff Schuman - Have your customers publish an online diary instead of giving you a testimonial. The diary would include regularly updated entries of how customers are using your product to improve their life. You could give customers a free product or a rebate in exchange for them publishing it online.

What is a Marketing Plan Anyways?
by Charlie Cook - You know what your goals are and where you want to take your business. You also know that marketing involves activities such as building a web site, mailings, a.dvertising and phone calls to prospects. But without a plan tying these efforts together, these activities by themselves may do little to help you achieve your goals.

The Importance of Writing Good Web Site Sales Copy
by Judy Cullins - What does my Web site say about me? Do its messages take my readers by the collar and convince them to read more? Do my words inspire my readers? Will they learn what they need to know in order to arrive at an informed decision to buy? Will they be eager to contact me? Here are Six Ways to Make Your Web Copy Sell Products and Services.

Top Seven Tips for Writing Articles on the Internet
by Judy Cullins - Online readers love information, but be sure your information is crisp, clean, clear and concise. Here are some tips on writing articles that will attract targeted potential buyers of your service, your Web site, and your products.

Stand Out In Business The Write Way
by Lydia Ramsey - Handwritten notes have become almost extinct in the business world. So if you are looking for ways to stand from the crowd, to be noticed by your colleagues and clients, try putting pen to paper whenever you have the slightest excuse.

How to Choose A Name For Your Business
by Leva Duell - Be sure your business name fits these criteria: Indicate what kind of business you are in. Easy to remember. Distinctive - stand out from your competition. Catch the client's attention. Create a professional image. Inspire clients to buy from you.

What's Missing From Your Internet Marketing?
by Charlie Cook - Your web site is up and running, you're getting a healthy number of visitors to the site, and many of them are contacting you about your services, but you're having a tough time closing sales. What’s missing?

How to Market Your Business With Email
by Brett Krkosska - Email marketing continues to be a favored method of reaching consumers among U.S. businesses. In a survey by the Direct Marketing Association, two-thirds of companies say their sales increased because of email marketing, and sixty-three percent credit email as the most effective way to retain customers.

What's Missing From Your Internet Marketing?
by Charlie Cook - Your web site is up and running, you're getting a healthy number of visitors to the site, and many of them are contacting you about your services, but you're having a tough time closing sales. What’s missing?

Is Your Web Site Sticky? Eight ways to make your site a traffic magnet!
by Brett Krkosska - Have you seen those gooey, slimy, wet looking blobs that you can throw against a pane of glass - or a computer screen - and it sticks? A friend of mine stopped by recently with one of these silly little toys. Of course, he couldn't resist demonstrating its molecular properties for me. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when, with a quick flick of the wrist, he hurled the blob with deadly accuracy right at my computer screen. It plastered my screen with a slurpy "ploop" sound. He looked at me with that gleeful, satisfied smirk and said, "Look, a sticky website."

Top Ten Great Headline Ideas
by Judy Cullins - Headlines are far more important than the copy beneath them. If you don't use headlines within your chapter or in your Web site sales letters and article titles, you will lose your audience's attention in a few seconds. And, that's serious.

How To Edit Your Articles As You Write
by Judy Cullins - Increase your ezine subscribers by submitting articles once or twice a week to the opt-in ezines. Read by thousands, even hundreds of thousands, you get 10-25 new subscribers for each submission. Your articles also bring people to your Web site to buy your products. Use this checklist to edit your own work

Digital Printing vs. Press Printing — A Comparison Guide
by Erin Ferree - When it comes time to print your brand identity materials, there's one overarching question for you to consider — whether to print the resulting materials on a digital printer or traditional press. There are many differences between the two processes, some of which are outlined below.

Three Brand Identity Myths That Will Bring Your Business Down
by Erin Ferree - Having a brand identity is extremely important to your business's success. However, many business owners have misconceptions about brand identities that can damage their businesses.

Exposing Your Expertise
by Philippa Gamse - Writing and leveraging articles is my most successful strategy for promoting my Website and my speaking and consulting services. Visitors to your site from targeted articles tend to be higher quality leads than those from search engines, and potential buyers like to see that you're published in many credible outlets.

5 Tips for HOT Yellow Pages Ads
by Big Mike McDaniel - While the Yellow Pages are an excellent reference tool, they fare less well when considered as an advertising medium. People use the Yellow Pages to look for a familiar name. If your other advertising works, then fining you in the Yellow Pages should be a snap.

Do Your Radio Ads Work?
by Big Mike McDaniel - Most small businesses don't have a high powered advertising agency to produce selling radio commercials for them and end up with something akin to a high school play, or with the business owner reading tired copy. The radio ad person should know all about your campaign and image before leaving with the order. You should be promised a "proof" of your radio ad before it goes on the air. There should be at least two commercials, better four, selling the benefits.

13 Facts About Newspaper Advertising
by Big Mike McDaniel - Newspapers are still a formidable advertising force. Find ways to continue to use the paper to increase store traffic, but do it with other advertising too, so the media mix is efficient. Don't let anyone tell you not to advertise in the paper. Just do it better.

Lead Me On - Learn About Internet Marketing Leads
by Mal Keenan - Every for-profit web site needs a steady flow of internet marketing leads. A big part of any online marketer's job is to generate the leads that will ultimately be responsible for another sale. In particular, in the highly competitive online marketing arena, someone selling products and services to other marketers will need a steady flow of fresh internet marketing leads to fuel their sales.

Give People a Reason to Buy your Product or Service: Create a Strong Signature Box
by Judy Cullins - Overcome lackluster signature boxes with merely your name, address, and email listed. Instead use the "passion approach." Give your product's or service's promise. Name benefits. Stop missing sales because of weak copy.

10 Ways to Build Trust and Build Your Business
by Charlie Cook - Before making a purchase from you, buyers need to trust that your products and services will do what they are supposed to. Does your marketing help establish the trust necessary to convince prospects to buy from you? If you're struggling to attract clients and customers, use the following tactics to convert prospects to clients.

Top Ten Ways to Drive Targeted Buyers to Your Web Site
by Judy Cullins - The biggest complaint from clients is that they get hits, but not enough sales. If you are a non-techie like me, you may not have heard of what a "sticky" Web site is (it is the stuff that lures visitors back again and again). But we do know we want that! Forget getting to the top of the search engines. Let your Webmaster do that. Instead, try out some of these low-maintenance ways to bring 'em back to your Web site for more.

How to Write a Newsletter without Being a Writer
by Eileen Parzek - There are many ways a small business can develop a newsletter, when the full do-it-yourself route is not an option. First, keep in mind that it is acceptable that 20-30% of the newsletter is promotion and good news about the business, assuming the audience is primarily made of clients and prospective clients. To come up with the rest of the content, try these techniques.

Affiliate Marketing--Huh?
by Vickie J. Scanlon - Affiliate marketing is the promotion of another person's or company's product, in which you get a percentage of the profit if a sale is made. That doesn't sound so hard, does it? Well -- it's doeable if you have the information you need to get you started in this field -- and it is work.

10 Tips For Long Term Client Retention
by Dr. Rachna D. Jain - Attracting and retaining long-term clients is a powerful strategy for growing your business. Long-term clients are likely to feel more satisfied, are more likely to refer others, and are more likely to purchase additional services from you. The savvy solo professional or small business owner gains big from focusing on these 10 sound strategies for long term client retention.

Networking without the Work
by Eileen Parzek - Before you enter the networking fray, think about the types of relationships you would like to build for your business network. This could mean determining a type of person or industries that would be a natural fit with yours, or a source for referral business. Sometimes the best places to network are not obvious – it might be a place where no one else does what you do, but many attendees know someone who needs what you do.

Marketing Smarter to Earn More
by Charlie Cook - If you sell services, your primary limitations on earnings are your costs and the number of hours in a week. Most independent professionals are already working well over 40 hours a week and can't work longer hours to increase earnings. Your goal should be to find ways to work less and increase your earnings. How can you market smarter and make more money?

Turn Your Site into a Community with Forums
by Eileen Parzek - Typically, people visit a web site because they are looking for something, find it in search, or hear about the site through another venue, and then maybe bookmark it to return. You can leave it to chance – or you can invest the time and energy into building a community around your web site. One of the best ways to do this is to offer your visitors a discussion forum.

Should Your Business Blog?
by Eileen Parzek - Blogs are now being considered by businesses because the technology also lends itself to creating content on a business web site. It is essentially just a type of content management system which can easily be implemented into a site. Businesses are using them as a way of publishing info about their particular area of expertise, news about the company, and product updates.

What the Newspaper Ad Person Won’t Tell You
by Mike McDaniel - Despite declining circulation figures and increasing ad rates, newspapers still reach large audiences, daily. Many, if not most, retailers, lay out their own ads. It is said that over the years, merchants have come to believe the only way to get it right is to do it themselves. This thinking has given rise to the new breed of newspaper salesperson. No training, just a list of customers and the daily question “Gotchyur ad ready yet?” You should understand the newspaper’s weaknesses and learn to avoid them whenever possible

Using Technology to "Tickle" Your Customers
by Eileen Parzek - Traditionally, businesses set up a “tickle” file to recall and reconnect with clients at period intervals, or when specific events occur. You have probably heard that it takes less time and money to market to your existing customers than it does to create a new one. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can harness computer technology to “tickle” your past customers, and maintain your place when they need you again or have a referral to send your way.

Your Website May Reveal More Than You Really Want Customers To See
by Barry Welford - What do customers or potential customers think about your company. Do they ever see your company facilities? Have they received some of your company literature? Or is it based on meeting you or one of your representatives personally? In this Internet age, a big part of their impression of the company will be influenced by your website. For potential customers, your website may be their only impression. The vast majority of managers, particularly in companies with the best purchasing potential, now use the Internet as their principal tool to research companies they may do business with.

Information To Include On Your Business Card
by Erin Ferree - The logo and graphic elements that you include on your business card are quite important, but having the right text and contact information on the card is equally important. Here are our tips about the elements to include.

Value-pricing strategy: “We’re not the cheapest but…”
by Henriette Martel-Lawson - In this highly competitive online marketplace, it can be difficult to persuade customers to buy from you when you offer a similar product to your opposition but with a higher price tag. And trying to beat competitors on price alone is a cut-throat business, very risky and not recommended. It attracts bargain hunters ready to defect to competitors for a better deal. Using a value-pricing strategy is a better proposition because it attracts loyal customers. Why do customers buy designer-labelled clothes and luxury cars? Why are those items more expensive when they don’t cost so much more to make? The answer lies in the perceived value. Value is not an inherent attribute of the product but it commands a higher price.

Personal Brand: The Marketing of You
by Eileen Parzek - Have you heard about "personal branding?" This is when you think of yourself, an individual, in similar terms. What do people think of, when they think of you? It is a concept that is particularly relevant to solo entrepreneurs and micro business owners. As such, the brand you develop becomes about you, as much as it does about your business. You ARE your business, after all.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Your Website Must Be Your Top Business Priority
by Barry Welford - Sometimes ignorance is bliss: or it seems like it. Unfortunately some of what we don't know may harm us. In a market place things may be happening that we really should react to. In setting priorities, we may instinctively go with our intuition. However, we may not have realized that the world has changed. This is particularly the case with the effect of the Internet on business operations. A changing world demands a different order of priorities.

How To Ruin Your Press Release in 3 Easy Steps
by Karon Thackston - There are some definite strategies you need to use when writing a press release that gets results. There are also some long-standing, proven ways to completely and totally ruin your release. In an effort to help you get what you want out of your next press campaign, I’d like to share the top three “bombs” with you.

Business Blogging Now
by Barry Welford - Blogging and blogs are a hot topic in business circles now. Their very character is the reason for the explosive growth in blogging that is occurring. Here we will give you a bird's eye view of the key elements involved. It will give you the What and the Why and a little of the How. It is intended for Business Owners and Managers rather than the technicians who will implement business blogs. However even the technicians may find this gives them some additional perspective on why this is all evolving the way it is.

The Secret Sauce in Web Site Marketing
by Scottie Claiborne - Web site marketing is about getting people to your site, then convincing them to take action: buy, join, subscribe, read more, etc. I'm going to give you the secret to unlocking the potential in your website. Right now. Absolutely for free.

10 Ways Your Chamber of Commerce Can Help Your Small Business Grow
by Rena Klingenberg - Joining your area's Chamber of Commerce can be a smart move for your home business. Because businesses that participate in this group promote each other and work together, your own business can grow and prosper quickly. Here are just a few ways you can benefit by joining your local Chamber of Commerce.

Enhancing Your Sweepstakes Promotion to Entice People to Purchase
by Susan Erler - If your objective is to dramatically increase incremental sales from your already existing Web site traffic, then a sweepstakes or contest alone may not help you reach your objective. Consider combining your sweepstakes with other promotion tools to entice visitors to purchase your products.

The 7 Commandments of Marketing
by Michele Schermerhorn - Marketing is the key to success with any business, online or traditional. You can have a website or business location. You can have a great product. However, if no one has heard about your business or your product, you have nothing! Marketing is everything you do to promote yourself and your business. Without an aggressive marketing effort, your website is just one of eight billion listed on Google. Without an aggressive marketing effort, your store better have a location next to Walmart and hope for their overflow. How do you stand out from the crowd? There are seven (let’s call them) commandments for your marketing efforts. Keep these in mind and you are well on your way to creating an effective marketing machine. Remember, there is only one way to score the effectiveness of your marketing efforts – sales!

More Than Just a Random Drawing
by Susan Erler - Many Web sites have sweepstakes on them to attract more visitors. Typically, they are random drawing sweepstakes in which visitors enter their names and addresses into a form, the Webmaster collects all the entries, and then the Webmaster performs a random drawing to choose the winner. What are some options if you want a sweepstakes or contest promotion on your Web site, but you want to be able to offer your visitors more fun and excitement than just entering their names and addresses into a form?

Sweepstakes Promotion Checklist
by Susan Erler - As with any other highly visible promotion, sponsoring a sweepstakes requires thorough planning and attention to detail. This checklist will help you understand what bases need to be covered in order to create an effective and efficient online sweepstakes or contest promotion.

How to Sell Your Products Without Competition
by Rena Klingenberg - Selling your products at shows can be difficult when you have a lot of competition. Although some show organizers are careful to have a good mix of vendors, it's not uncommon for other shows to have 20% or more of the booths filled with vendors in the same niche - which is a buyer's market and a seller's disappointing show. Here are some suggestions for shows where you can find eager buyers for your products and likely no other competing vendors.

How to Sponsor an Online Sweepstakes: Have You Planned Your Promotion Carefully
By Susan Erler - With the overwhelming number of new Web sites being added to the Internet on a daily basis, how do you distinguish yours from the rest? More and more companies are using sweepstakes promotions as a way to attract people to their Web sites. Holding a legitimate sweepstakes is an excellent way to attract attention to your company and its products. It's also a way to reward customer loyalty to your established client base.

There's Free Advertising Money Out There. Do You Know Where To Find It?
By Karon Thackston - Even those with very little experience in advertising know running ads can get quite expensive. There's the cost of designing, copywriting, placing ads and tracking ads. The bill runs very high sometimes. However, there might be money available to help you with your advertising expense. It's called Co-Op (cooperative) Advertising.

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