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No More "Marketing As Usual"

by Bernard C. Steiner - I spent the past 30 years as a business - to - business Management Consultant in Business and Marketing Planning and as a senior executive of global Executive Management training organizations.

I believe that this is the most opportune moment for the owners and managers of both small and medium-sized business to make a commitment NOW to develop a Strategic Business and Marketing Plan and not wait for this economy or their market (s) to turn around.

Many owners and managers of small and midsized business tend to shy away from the business planning process, as opposed to their counterparts in the larger business.

Many Small business owners are "too busy" running the business, but ignore, at their own peril and survival, that "failing to plan is planning to fail."

In my experience many of these business people consider this process to be arcane, too time consuming and really the realm of the bigger more formal organization.

There is a very compelling reason for these owners to begin their business and marketing planning process. Their B2B buyer has changed forever. And these owners must listen seriously and carefully as to the way the b2b buyer is buying in terms of how they research, compare vendors, shortlist and make their decisions, of course clearly these changes have occurred because of the recession.

Therefore, in order for the small b2b business to successfully compete now and in the future they must develop a business and marketing plan; built upon a comprehensive turnaround strategy to fundamentally redefine its business model mission and competitive strategies to turn their business around and grow to the next level. They can create innovative marketing strategies for business growth, develop niche markets, increase their revenue stream, improve their ROI (return on investment), provide greater customer value and increase their market share.

I also believe by undertaking a business and marketing planning process these owners will be making far better current decisions, since by its very nature and definition, planning is "dealing with the futurity of current decisions".

Planning is:

a basic organic function of management. It is a mental process of thinking through what is desired and how it will be achieved. Plans are commitments to specific courses of action growing out of planning. Planning is a process which can identify the most promising opportunities. It will outline how to successfully capture these opportunities or maintain the desired position. The Plan defines the goals, principles, procedures and methods that will determine the desired position.

A Plan is:

* A continuous process - not a one-shot activity.
* A communications tool which integrates all elements of your business activities with it.
* A specification of who will do what, where, when and how to accomplish your business goals in the most efficient manner.

I use an eight step planning process which is sequential and continuous.

In closing, I am convinced that by the very act and nature of thinking and examining the way in which their business competes and operates through the strategic business and marketing planning process will, in most situations, lead to a significantly more profitable outcome and a more competitive business.

About the Author:

Bernard C. Steiner is an independent Business to Business (B2B) Planning Consultant specializing in developing and writing Strategic Business and Marketing Plans for clients. He has over 30 years as a "hands-on" Operating Manager and as a B2B Business and Marketing Planning Consultant. Bernard holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering (BEE) and a Masters in Marketing (MBA).


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