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Free Promotion: Signature Advertising

by Tammy Embrich

Signature advertising has proven to be an excellent (free) advertising source for online marketers today.

What is a signature?

A signature is a block of text at the end of your forum/newsgroup messages or emails. It includes your name, a breif blurb or saying about you and/or your business, and a link to your website or business.

What is signature advertising?

Signature advertising is simply including your signature in your postings on forums/newsgroups and at the end of any emails you send out. It is a proven fact that about 75% of people on the Internet today will click on your signature links. And it's 100% free advertising!

To make the most out of signature advertising, (if you intend on advertising through message forums or newsgroups), you need to subscribe to as many of them as possible that relate to your website or business. Always make for sure you read the posting and signature rules on each forum...important! If rules are not followed, you could be banned.

Once you have joined the forums, don't forget to create your signature.

Important Note: Always make for sure you have "always include your signature" ticked on all your profiles in each of the forums. This way, your signature will always automatically appear after all your posts. Also always make for sure you follow the character length rules in your signature in all forums.

Catchy link titles:

It is important to have catchy link titles in your signatures to entice the members to click on your links. Try different ones....create link titles with short word phrases that relate to your website or business. Signature advertising has prooven to be effective over and over again, especially in message forums. Try and make your links as creative as possible, to try and perk the readers attention and make them want to click on your link.

In message forums (related to your website or business) start out by participating in conversations...answering questions, sharing advice/tips, welcoming new members to the forums, and just having fun getting to know the other members.

There is usually a folder in the forums where you are allowed to enter your ad for your website or business promotion. Please always read any rules for those ad postings.

Important Note: It is always important to begin in each forum by FIRST...introducing yourself and telling a little about your business and what you do from home. In this introduction, leave out any ads. The Introduction folder in message forums is for getting to know other members and sharing a little bit about yourself and is not intended for ads. If you do include an ad or affiliate link in the Introduction folders, it will most likely be deleted by the administrator.

Another effective signature advertising method is including your signature with a link to your website or business at the end of all of your out-going email messages. You will be surprised at how many people click on these links.

Once you get a good amount of signature links out there in the public eye, you will soon discover more and more traffic to your website. This could mean sales for your business, someone interested in networking with you...a number of things.

Wishing you much success in your business...and Happy Posting!

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About the Author:

Tammy Embrich is an Internet Marketer and is the Owner of:

And Owner of: Her websites focus on free telecommute job leads and more.

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