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Traditional or Cutting Edge Radio?

by Patrysha Korchinski

Online business owners looking to expand their marketing mix to include radio advertising may wonder whether you’d be better off advertising on traditional radio or on an internet radio show. Of course, as with all things marketing, the answer is that it depends. Your decision will be based on who your target market is, what your goals are and what your budget is.

Your Target Market:
If you have a tightly niched product or service, podcasts offer a strategic advantage. With a little research you will likely be able to find several internet radio shows that your target market is listening to. For example, if you sell bible based prayer journals for teen girls, you have a very specific target market that will benefit from podcast advertising. You can reach this market with near laser precision through a commercial placed on a handful of podcasts.

Traditional radio is ideal for those who have a wider target market, demographically speaking. For example, if you have a product that appeals to women with children you will find it much easier to arrange for advertising on a traditional radio station then to research and contract with the many hundreds of podcasts that will apply.

Your Goals
If you want to increase your business by a significant amount in a short amount of time, traditional radio is the obvious choice. For example, the business selling the prayer journals would look into a traditional station in a Christian music or talk radio format to develop their radio marketing. However, if they are self-producing these journals and are looking at a slower growth pattern they would want to stick with podcasts for their audio advertising needs.

Your Budget
If you have a small budget, then podcasting is the more obvious choice for audio advertising. You will not achieve massive growth quickly, so you will need to adjust your goals if your budget and goals don’t coincide. However, podcasting will help build your credibility and income, so that you can eventually move to the higher overall yield of traditional radio.

If you determine that traditional radio is your best advertising bet and podcasting is counterproductive for your market and goals but budget is a factor you will need to work with your radio station representative to create a step-up plan, starting with a small buy and increasing your monthly advertising costs as your income increases or take a plunge and put your initial buy on credit and follow the best practices for creating a radio campaign that works.

No matter what audio advertising option you choose, adding this type of marketing to your media mix is a great way to market your business and is well worth further investigation and investment.

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About the Author:

Patrysha is a small business owner and Certified Radio Advisor from Northern Alberta. She provides information and advice to small business owners looking to break into radio through advertising and publicity at

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