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The Secret Of Newsgroups Marketing

by Dale King

Today I want to discuss with you a little known marketing method. The method I'm referring to is called "Newsgroups Marketing."

What are newsgroups? Newsgroups, also known as "Usenet" are similar to online discussion forums, only they've been around for a lot longer.

There are literally thousands of newsgroups covering every conceivable topic of interest. To access newsgroups used to require special software called a "newsgroup reader." However, nowadays you can access newsgroups a variety of ways, right over the Internet including through Google Groups at: and Usenet at:

Google has reportedly archived over 700 million newsgroup messages - in one easy-to-use web site.

The newsgroups are organized into topical categories, which makes it easy to focus on only those groups that are of particular interest to you.

So how can you market your business using newsgroups? First of all, it's important to realize the sole purpose of Newsgroups is for research... NOT promotion and marketing!

So, if you decide to participate in a newsgroup and someone asks you a question or makes a comment... ALWAYS reply back with USEFUL information. Don't reply with a blatant advertisement. For example: "Discover How To Make $2,000 A week! Go to" This is considered SPAM. DON'T do it.

However, if you offer useful information and advice, and at the end of your post you make a very subtle reference to your website in your sig file, this is more than acceptable, if both the information and website are RELEVANT to the original post. Otherwise, DON'T do it!

Newsgroups like discussion forums offer you the opportunity to be seen as an expert in your field. If you post consistently and provide accurate and reliable advice, you can quickly become a respected member of the forum whom potential prospects turn to for advice.

Here are the keys to newsgroups marketing:

1. Find newsgroups that have potential prospects for your product or service. For example, if you are a Small Business Consultant who specializes in showing individuals how to start their own small business, join groups that discuss how to start your own business.

2. Join a couple of groups and lurk for a little while. Get a feel for the personality and tone of the groups. Like on discussion forums, there will usually be a member or two who are more opinionated than others. Anticpate this fact and do what I do. IGNORE them! You have as much right to be there as they do. Don't let them intimidate or discourage you from participating.

3. Be an active participant, and answer as many questions as you possibly can. This is CRUCIAL. However, be sure to answer ONLY those questions you know the answers to. Otherwise, you'll look like an idiot. If you do things properly, before long, you will become known as helpful and competent professional. Once you develop a reputation as being an expert, prospects will come to you.

4. Don't blatantly advertise. A short sig file is fine. Just don't be too aggressive or you run the risk of scaring off potential prospects. Just answer questions and help as many people as you can, and let your sig file promote your business.

In closing, find a few newsgroups where your prospects hang out, actively particpate, give ACCURATE and HELPFUL advice and soon prospects will come to you!

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