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Don’t Get Lost in the Details

Mac McIntosh

It seems that we business-to-business marketers too often get caught up in the details of direct marketing, rather than concentrating on the things that are most important: the list, the offer and the results.

Stop worrying about the unimportant details such as whether it is better to use gray paper or white for your B-to-B direct mailer. It really doesn’t matter what color paper you use if you’re mailing to the wrong people with the wrong offer, your campaign is going to bomb.

For example, if you’re sending a mailing about graphic design software to chief financial officers, or sending a mailing about financial forecasting software to design professionals, you’re betting against yourself with regard to generating sales leads or orders, no matter how good the copy or offers are.

When planning a business-to-business direct mail campaign, first determine your objective:

Are you trying to generate sales leads?

Are you trying to move prospects along the buying cycle?

Your copy and offer should be designed specifically to support your objective.

The next step is to consider your list.

When choosing a list for B-to-B direct marketing, focus on the important Things, such as results, instead of worrying about less important details such as the percentage of undeliverables on the list.

A client of mine recently told me she was concerned by the high percentage of undeliverables from a business mailing list she rented. She was seriously considering not using the list again because of it. However, when I reviewed the overall results of previous mailings with her, it was clear that the same mailing list she was questioning generated more leads and sales than any of the other lists she had tested to date. In fact, that list resulted in the best overall return on investment. When considered from that important perspective, the list she was about to not use again was a real winner.

The next step and the best way to boost B-to-B direct mail response rates is to create a strong offer. That is, a targeted offer, or a call to action, that will entice prospects to respond.

In business-to-business direct marketing, educational offers work well for getting people to raise their hands and express interest. These types of offers include how-to guides, buying guides, reports, white papers, articles, case studies and invitations to events (e.g., webinars, presentations, seminars).

Also consider boosting your response rates by making multiple offers, each designed to appeal to people at different stages of their consideration/buying process.

However, don’t make the mistake of offering something cool, like an iPod. Yes, you’ll get a high response rate, but those responses will be from people who want the iPod, not from people who want your product or service.

The last step is to always make it easy for prospects to respond to your call to action.

Your response form should include the various ways people can request the offer (e.g., Web address, e-mail, toll-free number or even fax). Your form could also include a few questions that elicit the information that you need to determine whether the respondent fits your definition of a qualified lead. Don’t ask too many questions, however, as you risk turning off the prospect.

Successful B-to-B direct marketers understand that most of their campaigns’ success relies on the list and the offers. So be sure to determine the objective of your direct marketing, and then ensure that your list and offers support your objective. Your response rate will be much higher in terms of qualified sales leads.

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About the Author:

Mac McIntosh is one of today’s leading business-to-business marketing consultants using the latest in lead-multiplying tactics and strategies that are working NOW to drive up leads and sales. As an expert on the subject of B2B lead generation, he can help you increase your bottom line by converting more sales leads into actual sales. Get his Free Sales Lead Report® newsletter at For more information, contact the FrogPond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email [email protected]

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