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Advertising Is All About Benefits

by BIG Mike McDaniel

Think benefits and you have a leg up on your competition. The secret is, advertising benefits, works, and most people in business don't know it.

The rules are the same no matter where you advertise; TV, Radio, Newspaper, The Shopper, Billboards, urinal signs. Advertise benefits and they will come.

Put your mug in the ad or on the TV and the neighbors might say "saw you on the TV", or "..saw your picture in the paper, again." But not strangers. Your 30 foot tall mug on the billboard won't bring a sole through the door or get them to buy your product.

"Ego" sells ads, not product, and the newspaper and billboard people know it. "Let's put your picture on the billboard, Fred!" Three friends mention it and Fred thinks the advertising was a success and signs up for more. It may be worse on radio. How many really bad commercials have you heard that were made by the owner. "come see us.. new merchandise arriving daily." Yuk!

You don't need a picture of your building, you need a description of what is inside.

Don't tell me all the brands of vacuums you carry, tell me if I need a bag, you have it or can get it overnight.

Don't tell me you have the largest selection, or latest styles and colors. Tell me if you can fit me no matter what my size.

Don't tell me you have 20 years' experience. Tell me you'll show up on time, smell good and fix my toilet, or I don't pay.

Take a poll, they don't care about car dealers, banks or tire stores. All they care about is "What's in it for me?". Advertise benefits and your advertising will be a success.

Let the other guys flush their ad money with giant pictures of the staff, or TV commercials with the grand kids singing a song. Done right, advertising is not an expense. It will pay for itself, many times over. Concentrate on WIIFM, What's In It For Me, and your advertising will work harder for you.

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About the Author:

BIG Mike is the Small Business Advertising Expert and recommends where you will find hundreds of articles about small business advertising.

© 2006 BIG Mike McDaniel

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