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Offline Marketing Your Web Site – Don’t Overlook the Obvious

by Tammy Ames

How many hours a week do we spend online trying to finesse our online business success with little or no progress? I would venture a guess ~ to many! Don’t overlook the obvious! Offline marketing is the fastest way to generate interest in your business web site. Honestly, think about it. Online we are all competing for visitors and would be customers when people all around us don’t even know this business exists on the internet!

The internet is indeed massive, powerful and gives you the opportunity to reach people around the world with your products and services BUT don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Set time aside every week to promote your business to the people that live, work and play all around you ~ make it a priority and watch your business blossom!

If I am lucky enough to make sales with an Avon or Tupperware business online, then I have made headway in the home business marketing arena. If the next door neighbors or my children’s teachers don’t know what I offer, how much could I be losing in potential sales? You won’t know until you TRY!

Now, granted ~ not everyone you encounter wants to buy what you offer but if no one knows about your business, then No One will buy from you. Give those around you the opportunity to check out your website and products by simply letting them know you are a business owner! No pressure ~ simply giving them the opportunity to check out your web site, your products and connect with you both directly and online!

Offline marketing is simply sharing your business information to people NOT sitting in front of a computer. People sitting in parks, waiting for buses, shopping for groceries and reading magazines in laundry mats are not home sitting at their computers surfing the net. They may be wondering how to get that stain out, lose weight, and organize their pantry or what to buy their mother-in-law for her next birthday. As they are busy working and raising families ~ they are also your target market!

10 Powerful Offline Marketing Strategies

# 1 Promote your home business web site by making sure your web address (URL) is on your catalogs, business cards, stationary, brochures, fax sheets and promotional supplies. Make sure you always have business cards and giveaways ~ pens, key chains, mouse pads and samples with your website and business clearly advertised.

Use bumper stickers, web decals , magnetic signs or ID Plates / on your vehicles with simply your domain name or web address with your logo. If they see it enough, they will find out more!

# 2 Use your answering machine and voice mail to add a message inviting the caller to visit your website!

# 3 Wear your company ~ from t-shirts to baseball hats, tote bags and campaign buttons…be a walking advertisement for your website and business! Kids love to wear t-shirts with sayings on them ~ let them advertise for you! You could even sponsor a local team by providing the t-shirts and caps with your logo and name on them.

# 4 Flyers all over town ~ print a brightly colored flyer with your web address, company name, your email address and local number then post it on community bulletin boards, laundry mats, dry cleaners, library and college hangouts, simply anywhere you visit that allows posting flyers.

# 5 Run business ads with your web address in local, community newspapers, thrifty pages and other print newsletters offered by local businesses to their own customers.

# 6 Direct Mail – Over time, repeated and consistent direct mail campaigns can work for name recognition, branding and web site traffic leading to sales. Postcard campaigns are also a powerful way to grab attention about your online business.

# 7 Local Networking – join parent/teacher organizations, small business owner groups and clubs that you might enjoy. Make friends, become more comfortable simply meeting new people and keep your business card handy!

# 8 Team up with other home business owners – run an ad looking for other direct sales consultants or family business owners to network with once a month. Learn from each other and support everyone’s efforts by referring customers and passing on business cards of your offline network to potential customers.

# 9 Sponsor local business events and get your business listed in their event programs. Take part in local family activities that allow vendor booths with free makeovers, bake off competitions or scrap booking lessons to visitors at the events. Contests and drawings plus giveaways at community events are a great way to meet people that live and work around you!

# 10 Relax and have FUN! Don’t think of it as selling ~ tell yourself you are just spreading the news. Simply let people know what you do and why you love what you do plus invite them to visit your website or offer a catalog. Yes, it’s scary. Most of life is the first few times we do something new but with time, you will see that growing your home business isn’t just posting ads and optimizing your website. Promoting your business means connecting with PEOPLE just like You!

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About the Author:

Tammy Ames is the owner of WAHM Connections and publisher of Work at Home Connections Ezine ~ offering honest, down to earth home business learning opportunities for online success!

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