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Marketing - Don't Overlook Offline for Online

by Scott Rauber

I’ll admit it: I’m guilty. Are you? Most of us who have online businesses are guilty. What are we guilty of in our advertising promotions? The failure to consider the viability of offline marketing techniques, particularly custom-imprinted promotional items that people use each and every day. Not just once a day, but throughout their day.

When you have an online business it’s very simple to focus all of your energies on Internet marketing techniques. After all, you want to attract more visitors in hopes of making more sales. Not a bad idea. In fact, you should consider every Internet marketing angle possible.

However, what you don’t want to do is to limit your advertising by concentrating exclusively on Internet marketing. Don’t do what I’ve sometimes been guilty of—not promoting my online business using offline techniques. There is a clever way to reach out to those who don’t frequent the World Wide Web, especially while they are on their jobs. Not only that, but this can help you build awareness for your business.

You see, using custom imprinted promotional items to market and promote your online business may be one of the wisest marketing decisions you’ve ever made. While others are beating their heads against the computer screen trying to get a grip on the newest SEO techniques, you can firmly have your domain name planted in someone’s hand via a custom imprinted pen.

Why a pen? Because everybody and his brother uses one in some aspect at home and/or at work! Why not a custom imprinted coffee mug? Because not everyone’s a coffee drinker. The bottom line is this: Put your website at your customer’s fingertips and it’ll be there. By the time the ink runs out of the pen, your business identity will be etched into his memory. Over time, you can effectively build a strong clientele who won’t settle for less than your product or service.

What's more, using custom imprinted pens is marketing that isn’t obnoxious and blatant. Because the items are actually useful, most people don’t associate them as advertising and aren’t turned off as they may be by Internet banner ads or pop-ups.

Do yourself a favor, like I do. Get rid of the guilt and use promotional items in the offline world to promote everything in your online world. If you do, you’ll be way ahead of the pack. The majority of online businesses don’t utilize this technique and it may just give you the edge in traffic and sales you’ve been waiting for!

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About the Author:

Scott Rauber has has been helping businesses for the past 9 years market and promote themselves utilizing advertisng people love and use - custom printed promotional items. Visit and find out how you can find prospects without cold calling.

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