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Boost Sales Through Inexpensive Press Releases

by Al Kernek

Inexpensive online press releases are a wonderful vehicle for getting your message out to the marketplace. They create visibility, enhance credibility and live on forever. What's more, implementing a sustained campaign of online and printed press releases is an economical means of driving qualified traffic to your Website. In short, press releases are one of the best sales tools a small business can embrace.

Using inexpensive services like PRWeb to distribute a press release online is an excellent means of capturing widespread coverage for a product announcement, big sales win or an upcoming event. PRWeb even offers a free press release process! Other online press release agencies include 24-7 Press release, WebWire, XpressPress and Send2Press. All provide a variety of services, from simply distributing your press release online to utilizing their inhouse expertise. Some can even help you develop professional podcasts.

For small businesses, online press release solutions are a "do it yourself" inexpensive alternative to PR firms. Typically, these services offer free tutorials to help you create your release, along with sample formats and templates. Anyone with some writing skills can send out a professional-looking press release. And if you still have some trepidation, employ the service's optional expertise to help you create or edit your release.

The beauty of online press releases is that you can embed links which drive interested traffic back to your Website! And online press releases float around the Internet forever. Getting picked up by press sites, newspapers, magazines and email newsletters, they provide a plethora of one-way links to your site and thus also drive up your search engine ranking.

Don't just send out your press releases online. Local newspapers and industry periodicals are always eager to get "filler' materials. If you email or fax your press release to them with a cover letter, they will likely print it. Include an electronic photo if you like. Be sure your Website URL is spelled out somewhere in the release.

For best results in getting your release placed in printed publications, edit it to fit the target section (e.g., "New Products"), then look up the relevant editor and contact him (her) directly. You can also directly access an industry publication's editorial schedule online to ascertain the focus of each issue and time your release with a relevant issue for added mileage.

Don't forget to set up a "News" section on your website to archive your press releases. This let's visitors catch up on your company activities. It also builds company credibility. And if you create an RSS feed for your press release section, you will see even more traffic traveling to your site.

So, one simple document gets a lot of attention. Try accomplishing one online press release monthly with embedded links. Develop contacts with local newspapers and relevant industry publications for printed placement too. You will be surprised at the jump in your Website traffic. And these are people who, having read your release, are already interested in what you offer.

Press releases – they are a cheap way to boost your Website traffic, enhance your industry image and generate qualified sales leads. You gotta love them!

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About the Author

Al Kernek is a small business marketing consultant and the author of "Put Your Business Online." To learn more about increasing sales using low-cost, effective Internet marketing techniques, visit

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