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Unusual Marketing Ideas

by AnnaLaura Brown

Clever and unusual marketing ideas

The following are some ways to promote your business that are a bit unusual and out of the ordinary.

  1. Post signs on the stalls in bathrooms. Create coupon flyers and hand them out in heavy traffic places.
  2. Place business cards inside books in libraries and bookstores that pertain to the items you are selling or in books about running a business.
  3. Create an audio file with your voice and ad and post it on the internet
  4. Create a podcast promoting your business.
  5. Create a video promoting your business.
  6. Make wearable signs with poster board and wear them around town.
  7. Write your ad on a whole bunch of stickers and put them on your clothes to attract attention.
  8. Create a new yahoo group with the subject and theme of your business.
  9. Find or create a costume of an item you sell and wear it.
  10. Place some drawing bowls in businesses and hold a weekly or monthly drawing for free products.
  11. Create a free ebook and include your ad.
  12. Create free cd software and include your ad.
  13. Stop by yard sales and offer to sell your items and donate some of the profit to the home owners.
  14. Offer to teach a workshop on a different subject and give out business cards or other advertising materials at the workshop.
  15. Write a song to promote your items and business.
  16. Advertise in Spanish speaking newspapers or magazines.
  17. If you have the talent you can create useful worksheets or activities in a subject and post them on your website with your ad at the bottom.
  18. Ask your local library about selling some of your items in their friends of the library store and donating a portion of the proceeds.
  19. Write your ad in chalk on sidewalks.
  20. Post up signs for your business at bus stops.
  21. Put your ad on the back of some playing cards and sell or give them away.
  22. Put door hangers on the doors of businesses and business offices.

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About the Author:

AnnaLaura Brown is a successful team leader and consultant with an international marketing company. She can be reached via her website at

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