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Are You Running Your Online Business On Half Empty?

by Mal Keenan

The idea of paying $1000 for a marketing package to MOST people would be a nonsense.

After all, think of all the other wonderful things you could buy with $1000.

If I was merely spending $1000 then I would find it difficult myself but that it is not the way I think and it DEFINITELY makes all the difference. When I am buying anything online I always weigh up the odds. The question I ask myself is this: Will I be able to profit from this service, strategy or marketing product within a reasonable amount of time?

I have always thought like this, even from my beginnings online....... I would buy into a product or service, join their affiliate program and then put everything into promoting this product/service until the service became free to me and eventually made me a profit.

This my friend is part of the mindset that seperates winners from losers.......

Winners' predominant thought is - How much will I make?

Losers' predominant thought IS - How much will it cost me?

It's back to the half full, half empty analogy.

Nothing wrong with showing some caution of course and being prudent but if you find yourself always coming up with excuses for not taking measured risks then maybe you are not cut out for running an online business.

Some would be aghast if they looked at the bills I have built up over the years but they don't see the experience I have gained nor the profits I have made from the very same outgoings. I have profited from at least 90% of the tools I have used.

I make it a point of joining the affiliate program of a purchased product and making a profit. It's like I hate the idea of paying for anything, so I don't.....or at least I don't remain in the red for long.

Also, when buying a product or service, make sure that you are going to use it.

Now that may seem a daft thing to advise but you would be surprised at the number of marketers who buy buy buy and have shelves and desktops full of all sorts of tools and resources that have never been looked at. When asked how such and such's course worked for them, they unsurprisingly respond that it wasn't worth the money.

You MUST put the tactics and strategies recommended into practice, even if it is a little bit at a time. Sometimes you just need to make a start.

Most marketing services out there are well worth the cost if put to use.

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About the Author:

Mal Keenan is publisher and editor of Home Business Tips Newsletter: I Profited From The Package Below Before I Had Even Finished Viewing:

Copyright © 2005 Mal Keenan

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