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Archives Category: Management

How to Disagree with the Boss

by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. - Considerable skill is required to successfully say to someone in a power position, "I want to do it my way instead of your way." Yet this skill is often needed by leaders at every level--whether you're a three-star general communicating with a four-star general, a CEO with a board member or key investors, a vice president with your CEO, a teacher with your principal, or an account manager with your client.

How To Cascade Messages via Managers To Employees
by Marcia Xenitelis - One of the common mistakes people make when designing a change program is assuming that if a person is a team leader, supervisor or senior manager they should naturally know how to communicate face to face with their teams. However communication skills are rarely one of the key competencies that is taught or measured by organizations. There is however a very easy way to ensure that there is structure and content that make it very easy for managers at all levels to follow.

How to Determine Pricing for your New Product
by Barbara Ryan - You’ve taken the first step to building your own home business by choosing a product to sell. Next comes the hardest step for most people, determining your pricing strategy.

Managing your “Inbox Tasks”
by Stoney deGeyter - I’m a big fan of task management. But having a task management system in place, and even when used properly, still does not take care of all of my task management issues. For me, my email inbox is also another to-do or task box.

Outsourcing And The Small Business
by Ken O'Brien - Many basic IT services are very general and not business specific. Services such as anti-virus protection, data backup and IT support can benefit from the economy of scale an outsourcing organisation offers. For a small business taking care of these areas effectively may prove difficult. While there is a cost associated with outsourcing there is a far higher cost to not maintaining and looking after IT services.

Is the Back of Your Business Card Blank?
by BIG Mike McDaniel - A big business mistake many people make is spending a lot of time and effort on a new business card and not utilizing the space on the back. Look at that stack of cards in your drawer with the rubber band around them. Most are printed one side only. Marketing space gone to waste.

Online Billing: To Suppress or Not To Suppress?
by Jeffery Downs - Electronic billing or online billing presents opportunities to significantly reduce the cost of sending bills and receiving payments. Experts have identified three areas of cost savings.

Tips to Writing a Good Press Release
by Sharon Housley - Distributing a press release to editors and news organizations is only half the battle. Writing a press release that will be published by the media is equally important. Press releases are public relations opportunities. A well written press release, can generate exposure in publications that could be worth thousands in advertising dollars, for a fraction of the cost.

12 Essential tips to finding the best outsourcing company
by Paul Wilson - The very foundation of outsourcing means getting someone to handle your work, a partner in business. Ideally the outsourcing consultant or company should have a similar vision as yours and solid work ethics.

Got Voice Mail?
by Lydia Ramsey - If your company uses an automated system to process calls make sure it provides the best customer service by following these suggestions.

VoIP Small Business/Home Business Advantage
by Joel Walsh - Small businesses, home-based businesses, and self-employed individuals have been turning to internet telephone service (also called broadband phone or VOIP) in droves. What is the attraction? As a self-employed, telecommuting, small-business-owning freelance writer, I can provide some insight.

Autoresponders Aren't Only For Marketing
by Vera Raposo - The autoresponder is probably the best thing that ever happened for marketing. But here's another way you can use your autoresponder and it's a great way to further justify the monthly payments if you're paying one.

For Direct Mail Lead Generation Success, Clone Your Best Customers
by Alan Sharpe - If you want to increase your revenues and lower your cost of acquiring new customers using direct mail, then I invite you to learn from my mistakes.

Organizing Your Day
by Rebecca White - One thing I have run across during my time as an online marketer and while counseling others is the time factor.When you work out of the home, you know that from 9-5 you will be working and your mind will not be on having to do laundry or making the kids behave so you can work in peace and quiet. Not so when you work from home.

10 Easy Ways To Organize Your Business Finances
by Michael G. Peterson - Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a more experienced business owner, taking control of your finances can feel like a part-time job. Some simple tips can help you streamline your time, organize your finances and reduce the stress of business money matters.

What Does Your Telephone Say About You When You Are Away? Your Small Business Image can be Shattered by Your Phone
by Big Mike McDaniel - I cannot count the number of times I have had to ask to person answering the phone to repeat the mesh of words that just flew by. Hundreds of times I have been ka-thudded on hold with not so much as a “Hang on Bub!” One bored telephone person can do more to undo what took years to do more than any other company asset (or liability). What if your company is you? Staff of one with a home office. What happens when a call comes in and you are not there to put on your best voice?

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