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Archives Category: Inspiration

What Is Winning?

by Andre Taylor - As an author, speaker, and leadership development consultant I tell individuals and companies all the time: "You Can Still Win!" I have also authored a book by the same name and give talks to groups of all sizes on the subject. It's a given: If you ask most people whether they would like to win they'll say "yes," without hesitation, but how often do we truly examine what we mean by winning?

Abraham Lincoln and the 10,000-Hour Rule

by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. - The Beatles did it before becoming world famous. Bill Gates did it before becoming one of the world's richest men. And Abraham Lincoln did it before becoming one of America's most honored President. Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers, maintains that anyone who expects to become world-class at anything had better plan on doing it. And what is IT?

She Made It Up As She Went

by Greg Tamblyn - Hae-Yung showed me that creativity and determination can often overcome inexperience. She would rather try something new, make a mistake and correct it, than do nothing for fear of failure.

The Power of Words

by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. - (Some years ago I wrote this Lincoln soliloquy for the training film "Lincoln On Communication" and subsequently incorporated it into my one-man play "The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln." It is included in Chapter 19 of "Lincoln Speaks To Leaders".)

Honoring our Country's Wingmen on Veteran's Day

by Waldo Waldman - As Americans, how can we pay tribute to our veterans and to those currently serving on this special day? We do it by committing ourselves to service in our everyday lives and creating an environment in our country that embraces the values and principles that our soldiers fight to protect.

New Day, New Jet
by Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman - How to face each day with courage and fly to your highest potential.

Procrastination And Your Success - Facing The Challenge
by Sylviane Nuccio - Procrastination is usually the result of emotional issues. It is an emotional reaction. Most of the times, people suffering from it are NOT aware of it, and if they are, they feel stuck and don’t know what to do about it.

Motivation: Your Key To Success
by Tammy Embrich - Motivation is just about the most important element for success in any work at home business. If you don't posses this key element with your business or your websites, then it's very unlikely that you will succeed.

Books: The Sweet Nectar of Life
by Stoney deGeyter - Learn from a good old-fashioned book.

Don't Ask Why
by Bonnie McFarland - "Why?" seems like a good question, doesn't it? I certainly used to think so. I've asked "Why?" often in my life so I must have thought it was a good question. Or maybe I never had thought about it or noticed what happened when I asked that particular question.

The Principles of Success: "The Winning Mind"
by Craig Lock - What is success? I am not going to try to define success. I think a precise definition is impossible. Is it winning a Gold Medal at the Olympic Games or winning Wimbledon, or being awarded a Nobel prize? What else? I believe personal success could be anything at all--it does not have to involve public recognition.

From Motivation to Motive-Action
by Denis Waitley - To be a player in the 21st Century you have to be willing to give more in service than you receive in payment. These are the new rules in the game of life. These are the actions you must take to be a leader and a winner in your personal and professional life. By mastering these profoundly simple action steps, you will be positioned to be a change master in the new century.

Achieving Your Goals Means Being Present in Your Current Reality
by Gary De Rodriguez - The only reason you have not achieved your goals in the past is because somewhere along the way you lost your focus on them. Make this the year of your power and fulfillment where your heart opens, you contribute more, and you walk your road in a sacred way.

Living Your Purpose
by William Frank Diedrich - Do you know why you are here on this planet? If not, then it's time to ask the questions.

The Magic Of Thinking Big
by Dale King - Long regarded as one of the foremost experts on motivation, The Magic Of Thinking Big will help you sell better, manage time and people better, earn more money, and -- most important of all -- find greater happiness, tranquility and peace of mind.

Excuses Can Make or Break You
by Mark Machaalani - If you want to do something in life, there is no doubt that you will find a way. If on the other hand you don't want to do something, you will always find an excuse.

A Vision Of Success
by Dale King - Want to be successful in whatever it is you choose to do? Then you need to be totally focused.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
by Sherry Frewerd - Have you ever given up on a dream because you've listened to that 'little voice' in your head that tells you that you 'can't do it' or 'what's the point?' That inner voice is the critic inside of everyone that causes many bright futures to come to a screaming halt.

Setting Goals: Your Only Recipe for Success
by Innocent Mwangi Gathungu - Goals are like rails. Without them, our claim to success will never find expression in reality. Just as a train must stay on the rails to complete the journey, our dreams, our ambitions, and our desires must find expression in goals that are clear, realistic and timely.

The Pertinacity Principle: The Number One Secret Of Success
by Dale King - I want you to forget about all of those success and self-improvement books you've read. Forget about all of the business advice you've received over the years. Forget about how many times you've failed in the past. None of that matters now. Because I'm about to reveal to you the number one secret of success.

Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up
by Carrie Lauth - If you're like most work at home Moms, your business journey will resemble a roller coaster ride long before it looks like a leisurely Sunday drive (in fact, it may never look like that at all!). But if you're thinking about giving it all up because you still haven't reached your goal after months (years!) of sweat, tears and a sore behind, think of Winston Churchill's words.

Tools For Success: Attitudes-Thoughts- Beliefs
by Jeannie Salgy - To keep the title of this writing brief, I left out one very important word: “Positive”. Everyone has attitudes; we all have thoughts; we all have beliefs. But where do they land on the scale of negative to positive?

Create Success-With Whatever You Have! 7 Practices for Creating What Matters
by Bruce Elkin - These 7 practices are no magic formula. But they will help you create outstanding results-with whatever you start with.

Learning From Online Business Failures
by Gene Guerrero - In order to be a good businessperson, you have to learn how to fail.

What Do You Have to Believe to Prosper as an Entrepreneur?
by Molly Gordon - What do you have to believe in order to show up, serve, and prosper as an entrepreneur?

Persistence Always Wins
by Chuck Danes - Any great accomplishment that has ever been achieved has been brought about and made possible by an all important trait called persistence.

No Easy Road to Financial Freedom
by Usiere Uko - Achieving financial freedom is not a hundred meters dash. It is a marathon. Financial freedom is much more than quitting your day job. It involves living in a realm above financial worries. If you are still grappling with personal financial issues or still working for money, it does not matter whether you are an employer or self employed, you are yet to attain financial freedom.

Success - Character is Higher Than Intellect - Empower Yourself With This Realization
by Marie Gervacio - We all know how easy it is to follow the majority, to do as everyone else seems to be doing, to do only that which is considered average. It takes a strong individual to live a life based on his or her own ideals. Such a person shows strength simply in ability to remain on a chosen path regardless of the inevitable counter forces.

Challenging Yourself Out of the Comfort Zone
by Chris Carroll - For a lot of people the hardest thing about being your own boss is the fact that you are only accountable to yourself. You have no one in the background telling us what to do, when to do it and most importantly, how to do it.

Making It Stick in ‘06
by Kathy Gates - Are you stuck with the same new year resolution you made last year? Are you tired of being stuck with the same old problems year after year after year? And I know you wonder what other people are doing that seem to be able to stick with their goals, aren’t you? Why not you? It *can* be you. They just know some things that you don’t, and I’m going to share them with you right now.

The SMART Method Helps You Succeed At Anything!
by Gordon Bellows - Since having goals is a smart thing to do, use each letter of the word smart to represent an element of goal setting. This helps you remember the basics.

by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee - There are many ways to create success. One of the chief ways is to become unstoppable. This happens when your passion, desire and willingness to do whatever it takes meld. When this happens it creates an unstoppable force and nothing will be able to keep you from achieving your goals.

It’s All About Beliefs
by Bob Lodie - Changing your mindset can have a significant impact on achieving your goals.

To Help Things Grow
by Dawn Blake - It is important as leaders or mentors that we handle our "new growths" the same way. They can not succeed and grow with just a little help. They need all the knowledge, care, and tools that you have. The task of being a leader is to get your people from where they are, to where they have never been.

Are People Scribbling On Your Dreams?
Andrew Shim - Every idea or dream starts out on the beautiful canvas of our minds, but how it ends up depends very much on who you choose to share your dream with.

How To Acheive Your Full Potential
by DeAnna Spencer - If you want to make more of your talents - live up to your full potential - you have to learn to use them. You have the power to change your habits - to acquire new skills and fully use the skills you now have. You can improve your performance, your productivity, and the quality of your whole life.

Don’t Pull Up The Seeds When You’ve Just Sown Them
by Eric Garner - Why is it that 95% of people who set themselves goals fail to reach them? In one word: impatience.

Your Greatest Power
by Steve Goodier - "Becoming aware of my character defects leads me naturally to the next step of blaming my parents," one woman quips. Benjamin Franklin didn't feel that way. Becoming aware of his character defects led him to something quite remarkable. He exercised what author J. Martin Kohe calls YOUR GREATEST POWER — your power to choose.

It's Never Too Late To Be Successful, Age Is Not An Excuse
by Gordon Bellows - People who have reached any significant level of success agree there are a few things that successful people have in common. It all boils down to having desire and determination combined with a spirit that never gives up.

Regret or Passion? Which Will Yours Be?
by Kathleen Gage - “If money was not an issue, yet you had to work full-time, what would you do?” Answering this question was a turning point for me. Now - years later - I am doing much of what came up in my answer.

It’s All About Beliefs
We've all heard about the power of positive thinking but does it work? How does your thinking influence your actions and get you the results you want?

Forget Becoming An Overnite Success With Your Home Based Business
by Kirk Bannerman - Believe it or not, it takes a long time to become an overnite success! Once you have chosen your particular home based business, the two most important things to remember are to stay focused and not to get discouraged.

Success Consciousness - Manifesting Success with Consciousness
by Remez Sasson - The feelings that accompany success are very important. Remember and relive the feelings that accompanied your past successes, because they are the magic of the future. If evoked intentionally and consciously, they can cause the materialization of your dreams.

What is Your Motivation - Goal Setting for Your Home Business
by Timothy Spaulding - If you are a home based business owner probably the largest obstacle you must overcome is finding motivation. You work at home and need to get online to work on your website, marketing, research, etc. But there are many other things going on that vie for your time. What do you do to ensure you are devoting adequate time to your home based business?

Wahms, Don't Compare Yourself With Others!
by Carrie Lauth - Wahms, do you constantly compare yourself with other wahms and come up short?

5 Master Qualities Of Extraordinary Achievers
by Emmanuel Segui - You can be a master achiever by developing the same qualities of those who seem to achieve more than others. Here are 5 qualities you need to master in order to become a successful person in your chosen field and in your life.

Do Something With Your Life
by Ken Leonard Jr. - Have you given up hope that success in anything will ever come your way? No matter what age you are, it's never too late to make something of yourself. When you are old and feeble, the last thing you want is to regret all of the things that you never did.

Get Inspired About Your Career
by Richard Hanes - Do you linger in bed long after your alarm goes off on work mornings? Do you dread Sunday nights because they lead to Monday mornings? Do you watch the clock and wonder if the day will ever end? Do you look outside your workplace and ask, "Is there more to life than just this job?

The Power of Negative Thinking
by Remez Sasson - In order to understand how positive thinking works, and how to use it efficiently, it is important to understand the power of negative thinking.

How Do You Measure Success?
by Terry Seymour - When someone asks you if you are successful, how do you answer? How does one measure success?

How To Build a Business With Attitude
Brett Krkosska - Here are five key ingredients to building your business with a determined, purposeful, and successful attitude... an attitude of increase.

How To Achieve Your Goals, One After The Other, On Autopilot
by Allen Says - One of the most important things I discovered about how we work is that we do not get very far by using force. By pushing our way into things, forcing ourselves to act, we destroy much more than we fix. We fail more often than we succeed.

The Ice Cream 'Comb' Story
by Rick Beneteau - It is my sincerest hope that her story will have even a momentary positive impact on you as a human being, a parent, a spouse or even, an entrepreneur.

To Stress or Not to Stress?
by Lesley Spencer - Today it seems that no matter who we are or what we do, we have more stress in our lives than our parents or grandparents did. There are many factors and demands that cause stress in our lives: things such as demanding careers, relationship conflicts, financial worries, health concerns, parenting challenges, legal issues, fear of the unknown and so many others.

Meet The Future You!
by Stuart Goldsmith - Imagine walking into a room and meeting the 'you' of ten years from now. What will you be wearing? Where will you be living? What will your lifestyle be like? What car will you be driving? Will you be running a business? If so, how successful will you be? What will your net worth be?

Cross-Promoting: Make Friends With Your Competitors
by Jenna Glatzer - My aim was to get my book to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list. With the help of my competitors, the book made it to #4... and I turned into a sentimental goober. I couldn’t believe how many competitors wrote to me to congratulate me or encourage me as the rank went up.

He Definitely Should Have Been Committed
by John Harricharan - Commitment does not guarantee success. All it does is guarantee that you WILL succeed or you WILL fail. On the other hand, a lack of commitment loads the dice on the side of failure.

Don't You Quit!
by A.Z. Alfred - Hold on to your dreams! Refuse to quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Take your time.

What company does your business keep?
by Arun Pal Singh - A man is known by the company he keeps. We have heard that phrase so many times. Our folks have cautioned us often with that in our silly childhood. Do we heed to that advice in our business? Where do you hang out? What is your business surrounded by?

A Little Used Secret
by John Harricharan - Sometimes, the simplest things are the most profound. Many times, the most obvious things are often ignored. A good percentage of the time the most common sense principles are the ones most disregarded. Perhaps, it's because we are so intent on making a living that we forget about making a life.

Setting Goals That Empower The Business Owner
by Terry Strom - To succeed to the greatest extend possible, you need to set goals. But those goals must be reachable and stretchable. Reachable so you will believe that you can attain them, and stretchable so that when you attain them, you will have moved forward.

What is the Basis for your Self Confidence?
by Charlie Badenhop - Do you find that your level of self confidence tends to go up and down like the stock market? Or perhaps it even goes up and down along with the stock market! Here is a story about a Japanese businessman that might give you a new perspective.

5 Master Qualities of Extraordinary Achievers
by Emmanuel Segui - You can be a master achiever by developing the same qualities of those who seem to achieve more than others. Here are 5 qualities you need to master in order to become a successful person in your chosen field and in your life.

Commit to Doing 80%
by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee - Perfectionism is the road to disappointment. No one can do everything perfectly 100% of the time, especially when you are trying to make changes in your life.

Improve Your Self Image
by Cheryl Haining - Improve your Business How you see feel about yourself is vital to your success and happiness. You can achieve your desired goals with the right tools. A regular mental workout will keep your self-image in shape.

Improve Your Self Image
by Cheryl Haining - Improve your Business How you see feel about yourself is vital to your success and happiness. You can achieve your desired goals with the right tools. A regular mental workout will keep your self-image in shape.

The Tale of the King and His Wealth
Arun Pal Singh - Nature too offers us a fortune of wealth that we can earn. Everybody wishes to be rich but not all are ready to fully walk the path that leads to. Most of us who start get discouraged by initial unsuccessful attempts and stop. Others remain satisfied with the nickels they are offered and leave the journey.

How To Avoid Bitter Coffee and Live Right
by Brett Krkosska - It's amazing how quickly a great cup of coffee turns bitter when your work becomes a job. And those loose fitting clothes? Supermodel tight when you start squirming from job stress. If you want to work from home and succeed at it, then there is one important question you must ask yourself: Do you have the right attitude?

Cat Food and The Man On The Moon
by Brett Krkosska - Your success is not a question of IF, but rather WHEN. Never doubt that each step is the right step towards success. Any failures along the way are merely lessons for success at a higher rung on the success ladder. It doesn't matter if you're going for cat food or going to the moon, the ingredients to be successful in any endeavor are the same. The only difference is in the degree of execution.

An Opportunity Called Home Business
by Arun Pal Singh - Opportunity has strange ways of presentation. While you may search heavily for it everywhere, it will stand there silently, waiting to be found. It will not knock your door or pat on your back to grab your attention.

Keep Your Dream Alive
by Cheryl Haining - If you have that flame of a dream deep down inside you somewhere, do something about it. And don’t let anyone else blow it out. Believe you can, and you will find you can. TRY! You will be surprised at how many good things can happen to you.

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees
by Terry Gibbs - As small business owners we are similar to tree farmers. We plant and nurture trees knowing that they will bear fruit. Some business owners grow trees with the idea of selling them when they start to produce fruit, but most of us build our orchards with the intention of selling the fruit.

Why Moms Should Start a Home-Based Business Today
by Carrie Lauth - Most Moms think about starting a home based business at one time or another. Maybe the youngest has started school, and Mom suddenly has a lot of free time. Or perhaps Mom was successful in her career before having her first child, and wished to put her skills to good use in a home based business.

What Does Adversity Do For You
by Dave Cole - Doesn't it just seem that the more you try to get things accomplished, the more problems and obstacles that somehow, just crop up and are required to be dealt with along the way? Becoming a success doesn't just happen.

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