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Archives Category: How To

How to Find the Right Experts to Guide You Through These Times

by Lance Wallach - In this environment, more than ever, you simply cannot afford mistakes or omissions with respect to your finances. Such mistakes can result in audits and other problems that could eventually lead to the closing of your establishment.

Pricing Your Products and Services for Ultimate Growth
by Michael Fleischner - One of the most challenging things you can do as a marketing professional, entrepreneur, or business owner is to price your products appropriately. Often times, individuals have no real strategy for pricing products or understand the perceived value that pricing can create.

Essential Internet Acronyms Explained
by Azam Corry - If you're new to Internet marketing, the many acronyms and abbreviations often used in discussions on the subject can be confusing. To help you get up to speed quickly, here are the meanings of the most important.

Craft Fairs, Bazaars & Flea Markets…Oh, My!
by Anita DeFrank - Before you debut your first table at events such as craft fairs, bazaars, flea markets and swap meets, getting yourself prepared is the first step. The following is a guideline you can follow to help make sure you're ready.

Can I Write and Print My Own Business Brochures and Business Cards?
by Jan K., The Proofer - If you have a computer and a printer, preferably one that can print in color, then you can make your own brochures and business cards that are very professional-looking.

Working at Home Isn’t All Fun and Games
by Jan K, The Proofer - I don’t think that anyone could ever honestly tell you that there is one no-fail method of how to become your own boss and establish a “successful” at-home business. The variables are endless and there is no way to provide you with a formula for how you go about setting yourself up as an entrepreneur.

Speaking in the Language of Awareness
By L. R. Gillson - When I interact with the public in either my professional or personal life, I seldom consider my blindness to be a barrier to an effective conversation, but I am quickly reminded by those with whom I am speaking that it can be.

Patterns for Mini-Articles
by Ruth Marlene Friesen - Supposing I gave you a problem and asked you to write a mini-article showing how to solve it? Could you do it in say 50 to 150 words?

The Do's And Don'ts Of Launching A Small Business Website
By Adil Wali - The purpose of this article is to aid you in launching a successful website with minimal pain and effort. Who knows, if you play your cards right, it may even be within budget and on time.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing a Partnership Contract
by Charles Fuchs - Choosing a home based business partner is something you want to put a great deal of thought into. Like anything else, having a home based business partner has an upside and a downside. So before you sign those partnership papers and head out for a celebratory drink, you want to make sure you’ve chosen the right one for your home based business. Here are some questions to guide you in making your decision.

Need Business Home Work?
by Gerard Bulger-Many business home work companies that are based on selling products or services to a local market have reached saturation point, which is why so many people turn to the Internet to sell products or services on a global scale. The following are a few guidelines when looking for that business home work that will suit your situation.

You Must Learn For Your Business To Earn
by Arun Pal Singh - Are you aware of the reason why most people fail in their online ventures? It is because most of them don’t know and more importantly are reluctant to command the language and gadgets of the web. Put it simply, they are uncomfortable with the technology the internet uses.

How I Trademarked My Business - and You Can Too
by Eileen Parzek - I decided to get a registered trademark for the business name. Why would a micro business want or need a trademark? Well, this business operates virtually and at times, internationally - well outside the jurisdiction of a county DBA certificate. So, my rationale was a combination of protection, branding, and admittedly, a desire to stomp on the world and say, "I'm still here!"

Eleven Things You Must Know About A Drop Shipping Directory And It's Company..
by Brad Beiermann, Ph.D - A directory will not serve you well if it has hundreds of thousands of products, and none of them are in your product interest category. A directory with a good balance has focused on their categories of drop shipper products rather than the quantity. This gives you a better chance of finding something for your line of business.

Eight Success Tips for Your First Trade Show Booth Display
by Rena Klingenberg - Exhibiting in a trade show can involve a major investment of money and time. But the financial returns for your business can be excellent if you learn some of the secrets of trade show booth success before signing up for a show and investing in your displays.

How to Have a Successful Jewelry Business
by Rena Klingenberg - I've always loved earrings, and this love has turned into my dream career. For your own jewelry business success, I encourage you to follow your artistic heart and think with your business brain. I recommend that you study jewelry trends and styles, learn everything you can about jewelry making materials, set up your business recordkeeping so that you stay organized, and concentrate on providing solutions to your customers' problems. Don't try to make all jewelry for all people; focus on your own style or niche and build a client base.

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