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Archives Category: Hardware

Give Your PC A Boost
by Brad Johnson - There will be times where you feel your PC could be going a lot faster than it should. It’s time to take a look at some solutions to help make your PC run at peak performance.

Guide to Buying a Webcam
by Andrew Gates - Webcams are those handy little cameras that attach to your PC and send images to a web page that can be viewed by others.

Guide to buying Hard Drives
by Andrew Gates - Apart from being one of the most essential parts of your computer, hard drive storage is constantly updating, in terms of both capacity of disk space and in physical size. When it comes time to upgrade your disk storage, there are a number of factors for you to take into account.

Carrying Your Laptop in Style and On a Budget
by Blair Stephens - If you are buying your first laptop you may not have gotten to the point where you are thinking of how you are going to cart it around. The nice part is in today's market you have tons of options, but that is also a double edged sword.

Desktop Computer Buying Guide
by Jose Valdez - Technology changes all of the time at a fast pace, and computers are no exception to the rule. Whether you want to simply be able to surf the internet or you want to be able to play the latest video games this desktop computer buying guide will introduce you to the basics of buying a desktop computer.

How to build a PC
by Richard Paley - Do you know what could beat the exciting feeling of having a new computer? Make your own PC.

Tips for Buying a New Computer
by Articles Factory - A computer is perhaps the most important part of our daily lives. We see it everywhere from our homes to the places we work. Since it is used so much in our lives, we want to make sure that a PC we purchase is a good computer that will be able to do everything we want it to, and last a long time.

Getting The Most Out Of A Tablet PC
by Eve Larson - What is a tablet PC, how is it different from a laptop and is it the right computer for you? To find the answer to these questions lets take a look at tablet PC’s and how they work.

A Guide to Refurbished Laptops
by Max Bellamy - While many new laptops can cost thousands of dollars, most refurbished laptop computers usually cost less than a couple of grand, and often less than $500.

How To Upgrade Your PC
by Alex Fir - Before you upgrade your PC hardware it’s best to search all options and ask for advice. Only after this you can go and buy a new component. It’s also useful to check if you really need an upgrade.

5 Sure-Fire Tips For Buying A New Computer
by John Lenaghan - So you're thinking of buying a new computer... Where do you start? There are so many brands and models of computers available, and it can all be a little overwhelming when you start to look around. How do you decide what type of computer you need? And perhaps more importantly, how do you decide what the best value is?

Spring Cleaning for your Computer
by Big Mike McDaniel - At least once a year, better if you do it twice, take a few minutes to clean your computer. Inside and out.

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