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Archives Category: Getting Started

Entrepreneur: Do you want to be one? Are you prepared to be one?

by Joe Vaccaro, CBM - Do you want more independence, money, and quality time with the family? Are you experiencing career stagnation? Are you worried about downsizing, mergers, or going into an early retirement that you never wanted? Do you need a new challenge? You might be saying to yourself that you have always been successful in everything you have done in the past, so how difficult can going into business for yourself really be?

Online Business - Get Rick Quick? 2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad
Mike Reid - With some hard work and determination, most people can get rich (to varying degrees) with an online business, but I wouldn't hold your breath for the quick part. If you are going to be successful online it takes just as much effort and time as in a "conventional" non-virtual business.

5 Warning Signs of a Scam Business
by Sandra Stammberger - For years now the rush has been on to mine the Internet and find "gold." Just like miners in the old U.S. west, people flock to the Web hoping to strike it rich. Is it possible? Sure it is! However, those miners of old had to watch out for "fool's gold." You -in the days of the Internet - have to watch out for scam businesses.

7 Steps to Starting Your Business
by Cristina Favreau - 'I've finally decided to start my business. Now, WHERE THE HECK DO I START?' Sound familiar?

Advice And Tips When Starting Your Home Based Business
by Kirk Bannerman - I never cease to be amazed at the number of people that seem to think that some magic is somehow created when you put the words "home based" in front of the word "business". It's still just happens to be based in the home.

Choosing A Home Based Business Opportunity: The Selection Process
by Kirk Bannerman - The primary purpose of this article is to perhaps help others make their selection with a little less time and effort than I had to expend.

How to Prepare for Your Start-Up Venture
by Charlene Rashkow - All those great ideas floating around in your head and you're excited about making them happen, but at the moment you don't know where to begin. What is the first thing you should do as you contemplate your plan of action?

An Arm & A Leg for eCommerce?
by Sandra Cobb - Let's face it, very few entrepreneurs and small businesses can afford to spend hundreds of dollars to set up their dot-com presence without knowing how successful it will be! We've seen the results of high expectations and over spending with the demise of many well-known companies as reported in the news recently.It doesn't have to be this way.

The Highs and Lows of a New Online Business
by Alan Richardson - When you finally make the decision to start your own online business I can safely say that you will feel slightly anxious, overwhelmed, unsure and even scared! You are not alone in this.

How to Locate Wholesale Suppliers
by Stephanie Chandler - When setting up a retail business, one of the most daunting tasks can be locating and establishing accounts with wholesale suppliers. But this process doesn’t have to put a kink in your business plans. Here’s how to get going.

Invention Marketing And Licensing For The Inventor
by Elias Borges - There are a lot of less than forthright organizations that allegedly help individuals sell their inventions to industry. In all my years of working as a patent lawyer, I have never come across a single person who ever used one of these organizations to effectively market or sell their invention. However, I have met several who successfully marketed their inventions themselves.

Choosing a Mind-jarring Name for Your Business
by Walter Boyd - One of the most important things your new business needs is a name. Your business’ name will often be the very first thing your customers see, and the very first impression you make on any potential customers.

Guarantee Success in Your Direct Sales Business
by by Jenn Givler - You’ve started your own business through a direct sales company. You’ve got the support of a fabulous upline, and the promise of building a business that will allow you to have a flexible schedule and all the money you need to support your family. Don’t forget, this business is, well, a business. You must treat it just like a business that you start from scratch.

Wholesale Distributor: How To Start A Wholesaling Business
by Nati Roberts - Wholesaling is a very profitable business, provided that you have a large dealer network behind you.

Don't Be Intimidated About Starting An Online Home Based Business
by Kirk Bannerman - Achieving success in an online business is not difficult to comprehend. There is indeed a learning curve, but it's not brain surgery. The process of learning isn't as much the issue as are the personal traits of motivation and determination.

Are You Living the Life You Imagined?
by Kathryn Beach - Do you feel strong, healthy, financially secure? Are you too busy working to take the time to make more money than you need just to 'get by'? Will you be in the same position five years from now? So you've scoured the internet for a home business and are now totally confused, how do you separate the real diamonds from the fake?

Starting a Direct Sales Company
by Charissa Bear - The goal in starting a direct sales company is the same for each and every entrepreneur, which is to build a profitable business that earns a regular income. How to accomplish this can be confusing, especially with the large number of direct sales opportunities available to you.

A Home Based Business -- Who, Why, When and Where To Start?
by Kanaga Siva - Everyone loves a Home Based Business Opportunity. I love mine and you cannot be an exception I guess! So let us start from the beginning and explore as to Who, Why, When and Where you could start this Business Opportunity using the Internet.

Home Based Business Startup Tips
by Kirk Bannerman - People starting out in their first home based business adventure almost always suffer information overload in the early stages of trying to get their business up and running. Here are some realitiies of starting your own business.

Getting Started-Creating a Business Plan
by Wade Whitehurst - You're excited. You have a great idea for a profitable online business. Maybe it is an original idea that has not been marketed online before. Maybe you have come up with a new spin on the ordinary. Whatever it is that has influenced you to start your online business, be sure that you have a plan before you begin.

How To Search For Home Jobs
by Brett Krkosska - Finding home employment can seem like a game of hide-and-seek. Searching the Internet for these jobs can give you the impression that the jobs are everywhere and you just haven't been given the key to find them.

What Should A Newbie At Home Business Watch Out For!
by Purva Mewar - Both the do's and the don'ts are as important aspects. Before joining a home business the person has to know what is required and what is a No-No.

12 Keys to Success for Home Party Plan Consultants
by Shelly Hill - Are you a new consultant with a home party plan company? If so, there are a few things you should know to help get you started with your new home party plan business

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