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Archives Category: Email Marketing/Newsletters

Do You Know Who's Killing Your Email Marketing?
by Sean D'Souza - Imagine you take a trip to your post box down the road today to pick up the mail. To your surprise, you find nothing. Not one word. All you see is just an empty hole in the wall with zip in it. Annoyance would be the prime emotion here. Maybe even a dollop of disappointment.

8 Tips to Increase Response in Email
by Paul Easton - Opt in email marketing is no different than normal direct marketing in that small simple changes will increase your response and success. These tips will help with both plain text and html email.

Characteristics of Opt-In and Permission Based Marketing
by Joel Christopher Remandaban - There is another aspect to Internet marketing that makes waves to those who are starting up in the business. It is called opt-in and permission based marketing. It works so well because it is something that possesses three characteristics that is not that emphasized in other techniques of Internet marketing.

How to Create an HTML Newsletter (Ezine)
by Donna Gunter - I get many compliments on my newsletter, and every so often I'm asked how I create my email newsletter (Ezine). It's not as tough as you might think.

Creating and Developing An Ezine - Steps to Consider, Strategies to Use
by Theresa V. Wilson - You’ve investigated several Ezines and have even contributed quality articles. You want to start an e-zine of your own. Before you begin, let’s review how to “write your vision and make it plain”.

Autoresponder – A Major Consideration in Building a List
by John V. W. Howe - One of the first considerations in building a mailing list should be “how am I going to handle all those names that I will have in my list”. An autoresponder is the answer to this “nice to have” problem.

Run Profitable Contests Using Autoresponders
by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ -Running a contest for your e-zine subscribers or web site visitors is one way you can generate interest and give more exposure for products or services you want to promote.

Bringing the RSS Revolution to Your Desktop
by Stanley Park - Until recently, the vast amount of news and other information available on the World Wide Web was accessible only by manually browsing for specific content via search engines. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) represents an information revolution that turns this concept around.

Securing Small Businesses by Securing Email
by Rick Caccia - Despite being the communication of choice for most companies, e-mail presents a security and availability threat to their intellectual property, especially for SMBs.

Forum Profits: How To Make Money From Forum Traffic
by Dale King - Some advice on getting your word out on forums about your business.

Writing For The Web: How To Write An E-Newsletter
by Mary Morel- An e-newsletter is an effective marketing tool as it’s cheap to produce and you can reach a large audience. It is also an unobtrusive way of keeping your name in front of your customers and prospects, helping establish your reputation and credibility, and promoting your business.But think carefully before launching a company e-newsletter as it’s an ongoing not a one-off marketing method.

How you can use articles to build your opt in list
by John Ugoshowa - Opt-in marketing uses your list of subscribers to send e-mail to. These e-mails will contain the materials you will send to your subscribers. It is essential that you present your promotional items in a manner that will catch the interest and the eye of your subscribers to keep them wanting for more. The best way to do this is to provide fun, entertaining and informational articles.

My Emails Are Not Being Delivered. Black Lists and White Lists Explained
by Karen Fegarty - Over 40% of all emails within your marketing campaign are not being delivered. You may not even be aware of this, as many ISPs will not send back a bounce message. In fact if you are sending messages to AOL customers, AOL is now blocking over 80% of the messages that come into their servers.

Build a Mailing List While Speaking
by Eileen Parzek - Do you do presentations or speaking engagements in front of your target audience? If so, you have a wonderful opportunity to grow your opt-in relationship building mailing list in big leaps.

Tips On Increasing Your Newsletter Subscribers
by Stefani Partin - Do you own an online newsletter and you are trying to gain subscribers to it? You have built the website for it and you have your subscription box in place, but nobody is subscribing? Don't worry, you are not alone. There are many others out there asking themselves what it is that they are doing wrong.

Which Newsletter Format Should I Use? Text, HTML or PDF?
by Elge Premeau - This article will give you a basic understanding of the three basic formats for e-newsletters each with unique advantages and disadvantages.

Knowing Which Business Email Account To Choose
by David Gass - Having a business email account is a necessity these days in any sector. One of the most low cost methods of marketing and advertising is through emails.

List Building - What Is It?
by Gina Marie Capatar - We all know what an email list can do to our business. If you know how to manage your email list right, it can be your ultimate opportunity to upsell something, make big sales, gain more traffic and boost your popularity among others. So what does it really take to grow your email list?

How to Write Better Business Emails
by Brian S. Konradt - The ease and informality of the Internet often makes it seem we can write business e-mails poorly and get away with it; yet, it’s actually the contrary. Because email is so accessible, people receive that much more of it and disregard anything less than perfect.

Ecommerce Website Owners: Are You Leaving Money On The Counter?
by Robin Porter - Own an ecommerce website? Do you have a mailing list? If not, you’re potentially leaving a lot of money on the counter.

Writing Business Email That Gets Read
by Susan Dunn - The key to effective and appreciated business email is consideration.

Newsletters: A Great Internet Marketing Tool
by Scott Geld - One of the tools that smart Internet marketers use to attract new business is a newsletter. A newsletter keeps clients and potential clients informed about products, events and services that relate to your business, and it always keeps your name front and center. It shows readers that you are a good source if information that they can count on.

How To Bounce Back From An Ezine Disaster
by Susan Daffron - Publishing an email newsletter or ezine regularly is a lot of work. And if you think that you'll never make a mistake, think again.

Selecting an RSS Reader
by Sharon Housley - While many have resisted the urge to decipher the meaning behind the acronym RSS, the vast majority of technically knowledgeable online surfers have begun incorporating RSS into their daily routines. Why go through the hassle of understanding something new, the novice might want to know? Because it saves time, and time is a precious commodity these days.

Quality Over Quantity Crucial In Growing Your Opt-In List
by Robbie Fanucchi - You've heard it many times: quality over quantity. This is certainly true in the field of e-mail marketing.

Top Seven Tips for Writing Internet Articles Readers Love
by Judy Cullins - Whether you write for ezines, your own web site, or article directories, online readers love this free information, and will think of you as the savvy expert. They will then click onto your web site URL to see more. Just be sure to make your information crisp, clean, clear, and concise.

Surefire Ways to Pack a Punch With Your Ezines & Newsletters
by Diana Ennen - Newsletters, or ezines, can be extremely effective marketing tools for your business. They put your name in front of your potential clients, regular clients, and peers while showing your expertise and professionalism.

Tips For Writing A Good Newsletter
by Ellen LaFleche-Christian -It seems like everyone has a newsletter for their business and it’s a great way to communicate with your customers and potential customers. But are you really getting the most from your newsletter? Here are a few tips to get you started.

List Building - What Is It?
by Gina Marie Capatar - We all know what an email list can do to our business. If you know how to manage your email list right, it can be your ultimate opportunity to upsell something, make big sales, gain more traffic and boost your popularity among others. So what does it really take to grow your email list? Growing your email list is called list building.

Does Everyone Ignore Your Newsletter?
by Matthew Coers - As Internet marketers we all know how important it is to have a successful newsletter to help us keep in touch with our customers. But it can be pretty frustrating to spend all those hours developing content and campaigns only to have the program flop. Open rates can dive into the single-digits and click-through rates can fall to mere fractions of a percent. So if this happens, what do you do?

3 Ways To Build A Profitable Opt In List Quickly and Easily
by Peter G Farnsworth - For those who have started an opt-in list and have failed, you can rejuvenate your failed venture. For those who are starting, here are three quick and easy ways to build a profitable opt-in list.

Internet Marketing - Complying with the CAN-SPAM Laws in Your Online Business
by Jimmie Sypolt - There are some things that you should do and things you should not do when you embark on email marketing. There are some hard and fast rules to follow when beginning to make money online by using email advertising that will increase the effectiveness of your advertising.

Tips For Writing a Good Newsletter
by Ellen LaFleche-Christian - It seems like everyone has a newsletter for their business and it’s a great way to communicate with your customers and potential customers. But are you really getting the most from your newsletter? Here are a few tips to get you started.

How and Why to Publish an Ezine
by Terri Seymour - Publishing an ezine is important to any online business. With an ezine, you can keep in contact with your customers and promote yourself and your business. You do this by building a relationship of trust and respect with your readers.

Monetizing RSS Feeds
by Sharon Housley - Publishers are evaluating options and determining how they can profit from RSS feeds. The two obvious contenders that publishers are considering to profit from their RSS feeds are: subscription RSS feeds and RSS feed advertisements.

Ezines and newsletters-How to get started….
Rebecca White - SO you are thinking about starting an ezine or maybe contemplating a mail newsletter. How do you get started?

The Email Marketer's Three Best Friends
by Barry G. Swenson - Whether you are an experienced ezine/newsletter editor or a newbie trying to build a mailing list, there is one thing you all must strive for. That one thing is a professional looking end product.

Implementing an Opt-In List to Optimize Your Internet Marketing Success
by Michael Hehn - In order to make a success of your website or online business, it is obvious that you will need customers. Although everyone who visits your page will not become a customer, they must have some interest in your product or service that brought them there in the first place and therefore they are a potential customer. Potential customers are much more likely to become actual customers if you make an effort to keep in touch with them. This essential marketing tool is called and opt-in list.

Effectively Monitor The Progress of Your Email Communications With Mail Tracking Tools!
by Rito Salomone - I am sure you would not be surprised that not every email that you send is received or read by the intended recipient. There are many reasons for these lost communication nuggets including Spam filtering, overloaded inbox, forwarding rules or simple avoidance. The solution is email tracking.

Customize Your Email Marketing Campaign For More Sales
by Ashley Keane - If your email campaigns only talk about what YOU think and nothing about the subscriber, no personal touches, guess what? Your subscribers will get tired very soon of reading your emails. Many will unsubscribe and forget about your products. You wouldn't want to lose subscribers so quickly, right?

Testimonials and Reviews Increase Your Real Sales Potential
by Bill Platt - It does not matter whether you are trying to find new subscribers for your ezine, new visitors to your website, sales of products and services from your website, or even promoting your newest book. We all lack one essential ingredient when we are starting out.

Direct Mail Advertising- Email Is Not Like Postal Mail
by Bobette Kyle - One of the most popular and potentially effective advertising methods is direct email. If you deliver a well-written message and execute delivery properly you will be rewarded with new leads, sales, and traffic to your Website. If the message is poorly written or you commit a netiquette faux pas, however, your efforts could end in disaster.

Understanding How Spammers Work Can Save You Time And Reduce The Spam You Get
by Balraj Dhaliwal - Nobody likes receiving spam and having to spend time dealing with it. By understanding how the system works, we can effectively take steps to significantly reduce the amount of spam that we receive daily.

E-mail Protocol – 12 Simple Rules to Stay Connected
by Joy Fisher-Sykes - Electronic mail is a quick, easy, and convenient way toinstantly link up with people around the globe. To ensure our messages don’t confuse or alienate others, it’s importantto practice basic e-mail etiquette. Here are twelve simple e-mail rules to keep you connected and make sure everycommuniqué is clear, polished, and professional.

Avoiding the Spam Trap: Get Your Message Delivered! -
by Article Man - If you send emails to your customers, I have some bad news for you. Not all of your emails are making it to your intended recipients.

Convert Leads Into Customers, And Customers Into Super-customers!
By Kirsten Hawkins - A simple definition of marketing is "the getting and keeping of customers." To sell your product or service, you must have customers. To increase your revenues, you must have customers, and you must turn those customers into repeat super-customers. The easiest way to do this, both on- and off-line, is through a content newsletter.

The Four Types of Mini Sites You Can Create And Make Money From
by Jim Edwards - Mini-sites are growing up all over the web because they are so easy to set up and fast to provide a stream of passive income. You can become a webmaster in a couple of weeks and learn how to create many mini websites for fun or for profit.

List Building - What Is It?
by Gina Marie Capatar - We all know what an email list can do to our business. If you know how to manage your email list right, it can be your ultimate opportunity to upsell something, make big sales, gain more traffic and boost your popularity among others. So what does it really take to grow your email list?

Top 10 Reasons WHY
by Cory Threlfall - With the rising concern of Spam Filters/Blockers, Blacklisting, Bounce Backs and CAN-SPAM Act laws, email is sadly becoming a VERY unrealible vehicle to deliver your marketing messages to your customers, Therefore, resulting in "Time Wasted" and "Loss Of Profits".IS there a solution to this never ending concern for Permission Email Marketers?

If You Guide Them, They Will Come
by Jenna Glatzer - If you’re looking for articles for your newsletter, it can pay off to spend some time telling writers exactly what your wish list looks like.

Direct Mail Advertising- Email Is Not Like Postal Mail
by Bobette Kyle - If you are new to Internet marketing, you might equate direct email to direct postal mail. The concepts are very similar; in both you broadcast a standard message to a large number of individuals in hopes of receiving positive responses. To the uninitiated, it is logical to assume you can approach the two in the same way. It seems like the only difference is the means of communication. If you are thinking this way, STOP! STOP! STOP!

Practical Strategies To Boost Your Ezine Readership
by Jeremy Hershberger - Do you have a fresh ezine ready to start taking subscribers but don't know how to attract them? Maybe you have a list already operating that you want to enhance. There are many practical methods available online that can be applied to either situation, some free and some not.

Don't Use FFA's To Build Your Newsletter Subscriber List
by Dean Phillips - For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, the initials FFA stand for "FREE For All" and my advice would be don't waste your time! FFA's DON'T WORK! Here are some suggestions to help you build your newsletter subscriber list.

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