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Automate Your Business

by Kelle Arvay

E-goods online has never been easier than it is now. In this day and age Selling of continued technological growth and more people logging on to the Internet there is greater opportunity for E-goods products to reach a huge marketplace. Having an online business can be very similar in some ways to an actual brick and mortar business, with the exception that your customers can come shop with you from all around the world simply by clicking onto your website.

One of the advantages to having an online business is the ability to work from home or anywhere for that matter and set your own hours. Allocating those hours for your business can be the challenge. How many evenings have you found yourself sitting in front of the computer and later thinking of other things you could have been doing? That's the big draw back when you sell E-goods is you have to be able to send them to your customers within a reasonable amount of time. Ofcourse you don't know when those orders will come in and if your like me you want your customer to have that product they purchased really quickly.

So what is the answer? How can you make sure your customers get the E-goods quickly and yet cut down the time you feel you need to monitor your computer for new sales coming in? The answer is automating the way you sell your E-goods.

We all know there are some things in life we wish were not automated. Like when you call a big company and rarely get to speak to a live person. That is an instance where automation is not real appealing. However, automating the way you offer your E-goods is actually a good thing two fold. Why? Because your customer no longer needs to wait for the item to be mailed or E-mailed to them. They love that!! They can purchase it and continue with the rest of their daily plans. For the seller it frees up something precious to them as well...time.

Some may think it's not a big deal if they have to spend a minute or two sending files via email to their customers. However, I challenge you to add up those minutes in a week. You'd be surprised just how much time that adds up to. What could you do with that extra time? Work on new products for your business? Promote your business? Spend time with your family? Perhaps all of the above.

Imagine being able to free yourself from constantly monitoring your E-mail for sales. Or being able to go on vacation without the worry of having to carry a laptop with you so you can monitor your E-mail. Sound appealing? It is, trust me. For a long time I was tied to my computer and really felt like I couldn't be away from it for long because I wanted to be able to E-mail files to customers very promptly. I did that and was always very prompt. But it came with a price. It took away time that I could of been doing other productive things. Automating your business is definitely something to consider.

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About the Author:

Kelle Arvay is an business owner, pattern designer and WAHM. She's also the founder of IPM™ (Instant Product Management), an online service that enables individuals and business's to automate the way they sell downloadable products from their websites, E-mail, E-zines, Blogs, Message Boards, and Auction websites as instant downloadable products.

© 2006 Kelle Arvay

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