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How "Your Ad Here" Can Hurt Your Site

by Trisha Dunaway

So, you have set up a new website! Fun, isn't it? You have seen other websites with advertising. You have probably even bought some of that advertising space yourself. Because it tells the person viewing your site that you are a brand new site. It also implies that you have no current sponsors or advertisers. This tells the potential advertiser that you probably don't have any traffic to your website. This devalues your advertising spots.

When someone is looking to spend money on advertising, they are trying to get the most out of their advertising dollar. If you are a small time website, you will not be getting the big guys looking to advertise on your site. You will be able to attract smaller websites and businesses. These potential advertisers are not going to have huge amounts of advertising dollars. When they check out your site for potential advertising opportunities, if they see lots of vacant advertising spots, are they going to want to gamble with their ad money? Probably not.

What if your potential advertisers went to your website and saw one or two "advertising available" or "advertise with us" and a link to an advertising rates page or "email us for pricing"? Along with this, instead of "Your Ad Here" all over the place, they would see "Our Sponsors" and actual ads running? This makes your site look more like a place that has some traffic and has other sites advertising on your site.

How do you get all of your advertising spots on your site filled up?

You can swap ads with complimentary websites. This way, you put an ad on your site for another website. That website, in return puts your ad on their website. Simply contacting the website owner of the website that you would like to swap ads with and ask them if they would like to do an advertising swap. If you frequent networking groups through sites like Yahoo and Ryze, many times you can find site owners that will be more than happy to do this with you.

You can join button and banner exchanges. There are tons of these out there, but it is best to join those that target a more specific audience. If the exchange is aimed at a general audience, your banner will be shown on lots of places that are not targeting your specific audience. In addition, the ads that will appear on your site from this exchange will not be targeted to your site's audience. For example, if you are selling children's clothing, you are not getting go advertising if you banner is showing up in a teen chat room or a hunting website.

There are other ways to fill up your advertising spots on your website. Affiliate programs offer commissions for sales that come from your website. Basically, you join an affiliate program for a site that is complimentary to your website for free. You add their ad to your website for free. Anytime the ad on your website brings a paying customer to their website, you will receive a commission from the sale. This is a great way to have advertising on your website that your visitors will be interested in. Some sites offer affiliate programs directly through the website. Others are a part of a site that offers many different affiliate programs. By doing a search for affiliate program + put a type of item you might want to promote here" you can find different sites offering affiliate programs for whatever you searched for. Once you start to find affiliate programs that you want to join, the key is not to get so excited that you join too may of them. Select a few at will truly compliment your website. This way, your visitors will be more likely to click on the ads and possibly buy something. If you put to many ads and a huge mix of random ads, you are going to look like an ad farm and this will turn off your visitors. By using these, you get a website that has ads on it, instead of vacant spots.

So, in the excitement of wanting to get the extra spots on your website filled with ads, don't go overboard with the "Your Ad Here" buttons. These could be driving your potential advertisers away. A page full of "Your Ad Here" many times translates to:" Please, oh please buy and ad from me, I am begging you".

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About the Author:

Trisha Dunaway is the owner of two websites, (offering work at home ideas) and (a traffic exchange/shopping site that is targeted at moms and has many WAHM member stores). Trisha sees lots of new, smaller websites every day because of . She is the mother of 3 girls and the wife of the perfect man for the job.

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