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How To Protect Yourself From Being Taken When Purchasing A Website

by Stephen P. Somers

In the faced paced environment of the web sometimes its hard to tell the difference between fluff, flash and an actual opportunity.

The web is filled with individuals bent on sucking your pocket book dry. Their only motivation is the thrill they get from preying on unsuspecting "ROOKIES" individuals not attune to the ways of the web.

Take ebay for example on average they have 400-600 new business opportunities posted each day ranging in prices from .01 to thousands. When purchasing a business in this fashion you need to be careful to research your purchase/investment before you bid. There are several ways to accomplish this and I would take advantage of all of them.

1) If it is a website you are purchasing verify the URL address and view every page the address displays. Check the verbiage for spelling and grammar errors.

2) Verify the ownership and date of domain registration, this can be accomplished by using the whois lookup at your domain registry I use and . If they claim it has search engine placement, make sure you check.

3) Check the traffic ranking of the site this can be accomplished by visiting, also offers reviews on sites if they have been reviewed.

4) Check to see if the site has search engine ranking this can be accomplished by visiting Marketleap rates your placement among the top 12 search engines, these include Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Google & Mother. This is an invaluable tool.

5) You must test the link popularity of the site, this can be accomplished by visiting, by MarketPosition this site checks the links of the site and allows you to compare them with three similar sites.

6) Check out the seller-Most good sellers will provide e-mail addresses of references if asked, but you must ask.

7) Check out the feedback - Established sellers will have a tremendous amount of feedback, check it both positive and negative. Try contacting some of the buyers and see how they feel six months after their purchase. Sometimes it takes sometime to have a complete overview of your purchase. When verifying feedback make sure you ask about support after the purchase.

8) If the seller does not offer support for at least 30 days do not make the purchase. If they offer support for 30 days ask how much they will charge for support after the 30 days is up.

9) Pay through it offers you several protections and most sellers accept it as a form of payment (actually most prefer it).

If you have decided that you want to make the purchase and you feel confident you are purchasing an effectively built and marketed site, then proceed with your bidding. But before so set a limit you will pay for the site and DO NOT EXCEED IT!

After your purchase hold on to the ability to leave feedback open until you are comfortable with your purchase and the seller has lived up to all his claims of support.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me @ [email protected]

Mr. Somers has a network of sites dedicated to website promotions. He can be reached at [email protected]


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