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Using Your e-Products To Create Joint Ventures

by Anthony Jewell

If you are into online business then you must know about e-products. If not let me explain very quickly what they are. E-products are products that you create yourself that come from your mind through information or experiences you have gained. They cost you nothing($0.00) to create and the great thing is you gain 100% profits on any e-products sold. Some samples of e-products are articles, ebooks or ecourses based around a certain subject or field of information. They are created to fill a void for users and are very easy to create. They just take some time to plan and if you want them to be successful you have to do some research so that they can be based on useful information.

Now that you know what e-products are you should now realize the benefit from them and how you can use them to gain exposure on other webmasters site. Webmasters are always looking to add new content to their websites which includes finding products that fill a void that their client base is missing. They look to offer new content to their clients that will fill a need in their visitor as well as to give their audience new information that will help them along their way. For example if you write an ebook on web designing then this may sell great on "guide to web design" website. What is also so great about offering your product to other websites is that it is usually free for you to do and the only work you have to do is to create the material. The webmaster and their website does all of the selling.

Now you start to see that creating you on e-products will allow you to create joint ventures with other website. What is a joint venture? Well it is basically what we have explained above but in short you take your product, offer it to a webmaster for them to post it on their website or in their newsletter and you split the profits. You can split the profits in any way(50/50, 60/40/ 70/30 ect...) but you have to make sure your offer entices and interest the other parties(especially bigger sites). Also make sure that you have a good way to track sales by either 1. Being able to login and view your sales via thier shopping cart. or 2. Offering them an affiliate id for people to purchase through your website by following an affiliate link from theirs.

Also don't forget to offer other free content for them to use to create an interest/buzz in their visitors. This can be testimonials to show how great your ebook is, a free sample from inside the ebook or a discount specific only to their website so that people really want to try your product. Don't be afraid to do all of the above to really get people interested in what you are offering. Another great deal you can offer is "buy this ebook today and get this how to guide free". So in this case if they purchase your ebook then they will also get a "how to" guide free.

So you see how you can easily create your own products, make 100% of the sales and create a network of sites to offer your products via a joint venture. A Truly great way to get your product off of the ground and money in your pocket!

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About the Author:

Anthony Jewell has over 6 Years experience in the Web & Graphics World. You can visit my business and join in conversation at &

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