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The Power Of Web Forms

by Halstatt Pires

Web forms allow site owners to gather information about their site visitors. Web forms can be as simple as an email newsletter subscription box, or as complex as an advanced ecommerce checkout page. Here are some tips on making the most of your web forms.

Not All Web Forms Are Created Equal

Some web forms are extremely basic and only email forms to administrators. Others are integrated into databases and lead management software. Here is some thing to look for when choosing web form software.

Targeted Lead Generation

Web forms allow site owners to gather valuable information, including contact information, referral web site URLs, search engine keywords and visitor comments, and more. The results of these web forms can be posted to a database and emailed to administrators. Respondents to web forms could be buying a product or interested in receiving more information. The leads generated in this manner are highly targeted since the people filling out the request form will have seen your site and know the purpose of your company.

Keyword and Referral Tracking

If you use search engine marketing to promote your web site, tracking keywords from search to sale can greatly increase your ability to focus on the keywords that work. When a person navigates from one page to another, tracking software can carry certain data along. The carried data can include keywords and the referral web site URL. This data is then recorded on the order form or an information request form so that web site managers can determine which keywords and site are sending the most conversions. This allows marketing efforts to be directed to what's working.

Self-Populating Database

Instead of buying a database of leads, or having telemarketers working to create lead databases, web forms allow site owners to have the prospects themselves populate a business database. In this manner, an entire database can be filled with people specifically interested in the company hosting the web form.

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows site owners to keep their companies in front of targeted audiences. Email newsletters can add value to web sites, providing a precious resource to site visitors. Informative newsletters allow site owners to send advertisements to highly targeted recipients that have opted-into the list. Newsletters can be sent at any interval, including daily, weekly monthly or yearly. By providing informative articles and/or discounts and special offers, many visitors to your site will be happy to opt-in to your mailing list. Sending email to mass amounts of people that have not requested information from you is generally regarded as spam and should be avoided.

Auto Responders

Web forms can allow automated responses to be sent, taking some work out of lead follow up. For example, if a product is likely to be used in 30 days, an auto responder can be sent to send a discount or reminder to the purchaser of the product 25 days from initial delivery.


Web forms are powerful tools for almost any business web site. Before investing in a web form solution, check your options and find a solution with all the features you want. Using advanced web forms can dramatically increase your marketing feedback and sales.

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About the Author:

Halstatt Pires is an Internet marketing consultant with - an Internet marketing firm in San Diego offering automated web site systems through


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