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Digital Resell Rights Are Meant for Lazy People?

by John Teh

As you venture into today's online business, no doubt you'll be swamped by massive technical jargons such as ezine advertising, affiliate programs, resell & master resell rights, etc. Among all these terms, one of the most interesting term that I personally came across is Resell Rights.

In simple English, resell rights mean the right given to you, to remarket the same product you purchased and keep 100% of the profit, after your purchase of a particular digital product, provided that the digital product is not modified in anyway.

Resell rights, in general, are usually better in terms of profit compared to affiliate programs, considering you can keep every single profit that you make out of it. In other words, the resell rights "industry" can be considered as the most effortless starting money-making online business today. Taken into consideration that you jumped into the product's selling cycle early and have aggressive marketing campaigns which are ready to kick start anytime.

In certain scenarios, large profits can still be made if you happen to be one of the latecomers within the reselling scene for a particular product. Given some time, competition will build like there is no tomorrow, so you might as well forget about joining the rest, selling the very same product.

Instead, leverage on the already well established product, to sell services closely related to the subject. For example, a product which sells the top 40 scripts on the net - jump into the selling bandwagon by providing script installation services, hosting services, or maybe consultation services. In fact you can even use the product to sell together with one of your own product that compliments it. You get the basic idea.

Let the rest do all the hard work, and you'll just walk in and close the "extra" sales. Most of the products out there usually come as a "potential" money making item, or short say, essential information delivered theoretically or a must-install-first-before-usage-item. 99% of the time, customers will still have to implement and have practical approaches to see the end results. This is where you come in.

In the author's / owner's point of view, resell rights are usually being given away to increase the attracting factor of closing the sales. Most buyers can't resist the fact that they can actually resell the item again and keep every single profit from it. Some just making it so to make their product viral and have their product and name spread around faster. High changes that products with resell rights, might come with redistribution / giveaway rights, meaning you can give it away as a free item, or even as a bonus for your other products.

In conclusion, resell right packages are practically the most sought after products in today's online business. Low capital, huge income potential, and still reusable in other marketing aspects even if the product reached the maximum market saturation level.

Good luck in your reselling campaigns!

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About the Author:

John Teh is the owner of a Free Internet Marketing & Niche Product Ebooks site, with Resell & Redistribution Rights.

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