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What is a Blog? In Plain English Please.

By Vickie J. Scanlon

If you are fairly new to the Internet, you have probably heard the word “Blog” flying around. But what is a blog? How does it work? And how can I use it on my website? These are all good questions, which I hope to answer for you.

What is a Blog?

A blog is, in simplest terms, is a daily journal of your thoughts that is maintained by a blogger (which would be you) on the web. When posting to a blog you will notice that it is arranged in chronological order – with the most recent additions on top.

You can choose to allow your reader to add their own comments/feedback to any issues you may have addressed on your blog. Or, you can add audio to your blog. Pretty neat, isn’t it. What a great way to have contact with your customers.

Can it be used on my website?

Can it be used on my website? Most definitely. It can be a great tool for you and your contacts. However, I personally feel that it would be a greater benefit to the established website that has a following. In other words, start with a newsletter first, to build your mailing list, than go for the blog.

If you have a following, than go for it. You can go to, they have a great tutorial and the blog is free. No better way to find out what a blog can do than by trying it out for yourself – and since it’s free, you just as well take it for a spin and see what it does for your website.

What can it do for my website?

I see many inventive uses for a website that is based on content. Such as:

  1. Strong communication tool – a form of contact with your customer.
  2. Allow you to get to know your customers and their wants, as well as, allowing your customers to know you.
  3. Can provide daily, quality content – which will pull the search engines and thus, increase your traffic.
  4. Use it to advertise your links. Taking a conservative approach, and blend it in to the topic.
  5. Use it to answer inquiries that people may have.
  6. Use it to inform.

As you can see, the list can be endless. But I do see only one slight drawback for those who do not want to keep a constant vigil over their website – and that is maintaining the blog. The blog should be maintained on a regular basis. Why? People get bored, and on the Internet, it’s very easy to click their boredom away. Thus, keep yourself enlightened and it should keep them enlightened.

If you find this small drawback inconsequential – then go blogging.

To your success.

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About the Author:

Vickie J Scanlon has a BBA degree in Administrative Management and Marketing. She left the corporate world as an Reports Programmer, to begin her journey as an Internet marketer. Visit her site at: for free affiliate tools, articles, ebooks, and how to info.

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