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Getting Higher Conversions From Your Order Forms

By Karon Thackston

It’s happening! Your home page copy is exceptional… your visitors are responding by going deeper and deeper into your site. Droves of these visitors are making their way to your order form every day. But then… they dump out of your shopping cart leaving you high and dry. What happened?

There are several elements that can contribute to an order form that consistently converts. Let me show you a few insights so you can get higher conversions from your order forms.

Shipping Costs

BEFORE visitors get to your order form, give them an opportunity to view shipping costs (if applicable). This is one primary factor that stops buyers dead in their tracks. They may want very much to order from your site, but - once they see how much shipping will cost - they stop their purchases and decide to find the product locally. Giving shipping information before visitors get to your order form can help them be prepared for the additional expense.


While your order form should be clean and easy to use, offering links that will open pop-up windows with valuable information can help close sales.

For instance, information about guarantees helps ward off “cognitive dissonance” or “buyer’s regret.” Having a link to a pop-up window that displays your guarantee will help support the buyer’s decision that he/she has nothing to fear.

After-Sale Support

This same principle applies to support issues. People are more comfortable buying when they know they’ll be able to reach someone if they have a problem with the product/service. Offer contact information on your order form (or in a pop-up window) that clearly states your company name, contact name, email, phone number, and physical address. That way customers know they’ll be able to reach someone if they need to.

Coupon Codes/Discounts

Many times, when sites include a field for “coupon/discount code” on their order forms, it works against them. Some studies show that customers actually leave after seeing a field for a discount code. Their thinking is that they could have gotten the item for a better price and they go off in search of just that.

An alternative? Ask visitors for a coupon code at the very beginning of their shopping experience. That way, when they reach the checkout module, all discounts will be displayed for customers using coupons. For those who are not using coupons, no hard feelings will occur.

Selling and Upselling

Once the buyer makes the decision to buy… leave him/her alone! If you go too far by continuing to sell on your order form, you stand the risk of instilling suspicion in your buyers’ minds.

However, upselling is an entirely different story. Your customers are on your order form. They are obviously in the mood to buy or they wouldn’t be there. While they have their credit cards handy, offer them some special deals if they purchase more products or services at the same time. is a pro at this. So are sites like and Each of these sites will offer you the chance to receive great discounts on additional purchases once you reach their order forms.

For instance, if you buy a pair of sweatpants from, the order form will likely offer you a 20% discount on a sweatshirt, jacket, or some other related item if you buy it at that moment. This approach works wonderfully, too!

As you can see, the information you include (or choose not to include) can make a big difference in the conversion ratio of your order form. Make one change at a time and then measure your results. I’m sure you’ll find the success of your order form improves when you give customers what they want.

Most buying decisions are emotional. Your ad copy should be, too! Let Karon write targeted copy and ezine articles for you. Visit her site at, or learn to write your own copy at Don’t forget to subscribe to Karon’s free ezine at

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