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Archives Category: eBooks/Writing

Writers Block: Writers Resources To End Writers
by Deanna Mascle - Writers block is one of those mysterious ailments that is blamed for late assignments, missed deadlines, and failed dreams. Some people claim it is merely a myth while others find it plagues their writing.

How to Find Ideas for Writing Articles
by Terri Seymour - Writing articles every couple of weeks or so is a great idea for your online business but it can sometimes be hard to find good subject matter for your article.

The Top Ten Checklist to Edit Your Own Writing
by Judy Cullins - Whether you are writing a book, an article, or your web site sales copy, you need to know that your words speak well for you. Power writing is not easy for most writers, yet when you know that the benefits of smart editing =more clients and customers, you will want to use the 10-item check list below.

Is Finishing your Book Your New Year's Resolution?
by Judy Cullins - Don't wait any longer to write your book. Now is the best time to get it out. When you ponder and linger, you lose interest, motivation and forward movement.. That's why I like the idea of the "Fast-Forward Writing Technique.

Article Writing Tips from SpongeBob SquarePants
by Nicole Dean - Wisdom can be found in the most unexpected places. Today, wisdom bubbled up from a pineapple under the sea. I suddenly realized that everything you’d want to know about writing articles for your website can be taught by SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends.

Top 10 Article Writing and Submission Mistakes That Stop Sales
by Judy Cullins - Have you submitted articles to the high-traffic web sites and article directories, but had few people come to your site to buy? Do you want your advanced article marketing to work so well, you will realize triple, even quadruple sales at your site? And, never have to go back to expensive, hard work publicity or marketing campaigns?

Write Articles, Market Smarter
Karri Flatla - Your written work can be the dangling carrot that converts prospects into clients, and marketing it as such is less work than you may realize. Here are five simple tactics for leveraging your writer savvy.

Are You Struggling To Write Informative Articles? Follow My 5 Simple Writing Tips To Success
by William L. - Submitting your quality written, and keyword rich articles is certainly your first step to achieving your personal or business related goals. However, many authors wonder why their articles are not being picked up by publishers and webmasters.

Top Ten eBook Mistakes and How to Correct Them
by Judy Cullins - Did you know that you already have an eBook inside you? And, like your coach, you can earn thousands of dollars each month?

Someone Stole My Site: How To Defend Yourself When Someone Plagiarizes Your Website Text
by Karyn Greenstreet - Here are some ways to discover which sites have stolen your text.

Top Ten Checklist to Design Each Part of your Book to Sell More Copies
by Judy Cullins - Whether you are an ebook author/publisher or a print book author/publisher, you can get your unique, helpful information. out to make other people's lives better.

How to Make Money Selling Ebooks
by Terri Seymour - If you are looking for ways to make money online or to expand your existing home business, selling ebooks could be just what you need.

Creating Premium Information Products That Sell For Higher Prices
by - For many people who have decided to create their own product, the next question is how do they create a back-end product

Become a Self-Published Web Content Writer
by Brandi Rhoades - Web content writing is one of the fastest-growing areas in the writing industry. It helps potential writers from living the “starving artist” life, but it requires a huge commitment of time and a willingness to put aside one’s creativity for the sake of the client’s wishes. There is a way you can live both dreams, however, but you will need to work hard and be willing to make an investment to do so. You can self-publish your web content and reap all of the financial benefits from your writing.

How to Price Your eBook
by Chris T. Morgan - You've written and compiled an ebook. Now you have to decide how much to charge for it. Finding the right price is essential to the success of your product.

A Crucial Ebook Marketing Strategy
by Darlene "Dee" Bishop - The purpose in writing an ebook can be varied, depending on your personal or business goals, but whether you choose to give your ebook away as a free marketing tool, or sell it as a profit-producing product, you want to get as many copies onto the computer desktops of your readers as possible. That's why it's important that your ebook have an edge.

Why Self-Published eBooks are Winners
by Judy Cullins - Myths abound about print books being the right kind of book and eBooks being on their last leg. These ideas spring from traditional publishing.

How To Write A Great Article
by Nicole Dean - Are you intimidated by the thought of writing articles? When you think about writing an article, do you have flashbacks to high school writing classes, and feel paralyzed by the thought of putting words onto paper? Don't fret. There are some easy general guidelines that apply to writing articles for your web site or to distribute in article directories, to other web masters, or to post to your blogs. Follow these guidelines and you'll be writing great articles before you know it!

Rating eBook Compilers
by Michael Rasmussen - Now that you've finished writing your eBook and have a basic understanding of what an eBook compiler does, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of compilers on the market. To help you make your decision, I have tested and reviewed the best-rated eBook compilers currently available.

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