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Archives Category: Customers

What is an Acceptable Response?
by Sharon Housley - Many online marketers work odd hours, with no beginning of the day and no real end. How does this impact support and customer service inquiries? Some small businesses are afraid to reply to customer queries off-hours, fearful that the message time-stamp will betray them as a small business.

Listen to What Your Customers Are Saying
by Sharon Housley - Mastering the art of managing customer complaints can seem like a thankless job, but keep in mind that for every customer that shares their worries, concerns or complaints, there are likely more that did not express their dissatisfaction, and instead simply moved on to a competitor. Customer complaints can, and should be treated as opportunities.

Find Out What Your Customers Want and Expect...Before Your Competitors Do
by Patricia Fripp - Satisfy your customers... or someone else will. Your prospects and customers can give you important feedback, both directly and indirectly.

Free for the Giving: The Best Things In Service Situations Are Often Free
by Craig Harrison - You may think customer service requires a huge capital outlay: expensive training, high-falutin' CRM software, and thousands of dollar in expenditures Nonsense! The most important parts of customer service are free.

The Technology Trap For Talking Takes a Toll
by Eileen McDargh - In our crazy busy world, how often do we automatically push the send key and instantly regret that action? Or how about the mistake of using upper case letters and the reader thinks he is being shouted at? Then too, in the rush to respond and be brief, single line messages can come across as terse, harsh and often inflammatory. Small wonder that e-mail might also stand for escalation and error.

Treat Online 'Guests' With Respect
by Rick Sloboda- Why do so many businesses lack respect for online customers?

Improve Customer Rapport with Improv!
by Craig Harrison - It might surprise you to learn that even in something as spontaneous as Improvisation there are rules at play. Three in particular have direct relevance to our customer and client interactions.

Einstein on Customer Service: E2=MC2 Formula for Business Success: Exceed Expectations = Managing Customers with Care
by Craig Harrison - You don't have to be Einstein to realize that, relatively speaking, you must manage your customer expectations for optimal success. Your customers are expecting. Is there a pregnant pause between their requests and your responses?

A Lesson of Real Customer Service
by Stoney deGeyter - In customer service, it’s the little things that matter most. A little eye contact here or a head nod there may seem insignificant, and largely are, but to a customer needing acknowledgment, these things are everything. There is nothing worse than needing help in a store and getting ignored by the very people who are supposed to be there to help.

How Do I Reach My Existing Customers?
by by D.L. Mayer - The more a customer is involved in your business, the less likely they are to go elsewhere. If they have a vested interest in your business, they are less likely to easily turn to a competitor.

The Five Types of Shoppers
by Mark Hunter - In retail, this idea of focusing on the best current customers should be seen as an on-going opportunity. To better understand the rationale behind this theory and to face the challenge, we need to break down shoppers into five main types.

Customers For Life
by John Boe - The most successful companies place great value on developing lifetime relationships with their customers. In today's competitive marketplace, they're aware that their customers are aggressively prospected and their loyalty cannot be taken for granted.

The Stairs Of Customer Loyalty
by Tony Alessandra - If your company is going to be a leader in your market, you are going to have to really practice things like "customer intimacy", "customer interaction", "customer loyalty" and perhaps more important - "customer partnership".

What is your Lagniappe?
by Ed Horrell - Lagniappe is the essence of great service. Giving a little more than is expected, a little more than paid for, is lagniappe. It is part of the secret to great customer service.

3 Simple Steps To Insure Your Clients Pay You
by Sandra Martini - You've done the marketing, you've filled your funnel and the phone starts ringing – you've got a new client! Now what?

7 Simple Tips For Building Trust
by Tessa Stowe - Building trust between you and your potential client is a very important step that needs to occur first or else they won't buy from you. In fact, building trust is a prerequisite to selling. So how do you go about building this trust? Following are 7 tips.

Five Magic Phrases: Tips For Negotiating Like A Pro
by Jenna Glatzer - Those who are new to freelancing are often too afraid to ask for more than a client offers. Thrilled to be making any money at all, new freelancers typically agree to whatever figure is proposed. I was no exception to this rule, but once I’d built up my credits, I realized clients weren’t about to offer me a raise if I continued to play the role of doormat.

Web 2.0 in eCommerce
by Nowshade Kabir - If you are planning to start a new online business or upgrade your existing eCommerce site, you should consider using some of the innovative ideas related to Web 2.0 concept.

Better Online Communication Makes for Happier Customers
by Mark Ramirez - Many companies are now doing the majority or even all their business online and foregoing the “Brick and Mortar” storefront. It is easy to see why that trend has happened. But when businesses shift from face-to-face customers to anonymous online customers, there is a loss of personal connection and trust.

Ten Customer Service Secrets To Win Back Customers
by Ed Sykes - Let’s take a look at the ten secrets that will not only win back your customer in any situation, but have them referring new customers that will add more money to your bottom line revenue.

The Voice of Customer Service
by Craig Harrison - Customer relationship management tools abound, yet let's hear it for old technology. Your voice is the most multifaceted customer service tool in your toolkit.

Develop Superior Online Customer Service
by Norma Jones - To achieve success, companies are looking to new technologies and techniques in key fundamentals. One of these fundamental areas is a solid foundation in the art of sales and customer care.

Ten Online Customer Service Tips
by Andrea Wilson - Other than the current buzz words, customer service has changed very little since commerce first began. If you want a customer to buy from you again, and to recommend your product or service to others, complaints or problems must be handled properly.

What One Thing Can Lose Clients Fast?
by Tessa Stowe - There is one simple thing that can lose potential clients fast. Once you have lost them due to this one thing, it is virtually impossible to ever get them back.

As a Business Owner do you know how to be a good customer?
by Rebecca White - As business owners have you ever considered how you act as a customer will reflect on your own business?

How to deal with Customer Complaints
by - If you have been involved in a Home Business venture for any length of time, chances are that you have had some customer complaints regardless of how good your product or service is.

Let Your Customers Improve Your Business Website
by Melissa McCurley - What's the best way to improve your website? Let your customers do it for you! Who knows more about how well your website is fitting your customer's needs than your customers? Finding out is easy. Put a feedback form in an easily seen place and invite your customers to use it.

Your Diamond Mine: The Lifetime Value of Your Customers
by Wendy Maynard - Whether you are a business owner, marketing professional, or other entrepreneur, it is crucial to remember your backyard diamonds are your past and present satisfied customers.

Making Customer Satisfaction Surveys Work
by Martin Day - A Customer Satisfaction survey will help you not only identify problem areas but will also demonstrate to your customers that you care and are proactive in looking for ways to improve the service that you provide.

Customer Service Internet Style - 10 Tips To Improve Your Service
by Elizabeth McGee - Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Find out how you can create good customer service which will in turn build customer trust and provide for more return sales.

Boomerang Customers - What You Might not Think Brings Them Back
Anne M. Obarski - It was a simple sale that had so much more potential. Maybe she thought I had purchased everything I wanted. So what would make me return to that store? Why would I tell my best friend about the selection? Where else could I buy the same merchandise? When will companies learn the simple technique to bring customers back? And how can they improve those simple communication skills

Good Service: A Matter of “Do’s and Don’ts"
By Bruce Loeffler - Providing good service requires a number of mechanics in order to be effective. This is not "rocket science," rather a set of guidelines and principles of how most consumers wish to be treated.

Meeting Expectations
by Erin Ferree - So, you have a potential client who's requested a meeting with you — at "your office". But, you work at home. And, if you're anything like me, your home may not be worthy of a spread in Architectural Digest, or even Not-Quite-A-Safety-Hazard Gazette. What to do?

When Service Goes Wrong... Bounce Back!
by Ron Kaufman - We all try to do things right. No business sets out to do wrong when servicing customers. But life is full of unexpected moments and inevitably, mistakes do happen. While many people in businesses focus on doing things right the first time, very few seem to take a powerful interest in setting things right when things do go wrong. In those moments, a passion for "zero defects" often gives way to "Let's get this mess cleaned up fast, and get back to business as usual.

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