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10 Way To Increase The Comments On Your Blog

by Lynette Chandler

Does your blog look lonely because you rarely (if ever) get people commenting on it? Want more comments? Try out a few or all of these ten easy ways to get more comments.

1. Just ask. If you don't ask, you don't get it. It's really that easy. The worst that could happen is people don't leave comments so you're aren't worse off just by asking. When you do ask, chances are people will respond.

2. Get help. Tell your readers you need help deciding for example, help picking out a new hairstyle, color for your home office, new computer, help with a new logo design. You get the idea.

3. Give them a chance to self promote. You can get people to comment by adding any relevant sites that they know of for a resource list you tell them you're building.

4. Ask them to complete an action. For example, you say you're writing a report about seven most common gardening problems but you've found only four. Tell them to come up with the other three and the ones chosen to be included in your report will get credit on your report.

5. If you blog about your experience on products or services you have used, then encourage your reader to do the same (even if it's an affiliate product). Allow both positive and negative reviews though so that you become an unbiased blog to visit when someone is looking for reviews.

6. Offer comments subscription. People are used to forums. Whether they contribute to a discussion or not, they like to get notified when someone else has something to say about a post. Make it easy for them to follow the conversation by offering a way to subscribe to comments both by email and RSS.

7. Tap into your network, customers or your list. Tell people about your posts and encourage them to visit and let you know what they think about the it or if they have further thoughts to add. You could also ask customers to blog about you and trackback to your blog.

8. Ask your readers to let you know what they think about the freebie by posting to your blog.

9. Slow down. Maybe you're posting too often that your readers just can't keep up with your posts let alone stop to comment.

10. Extend a discussion. Blog about something you read on another blog, news, magazine or other media then invite readers to share their thoughts. This usually works very well for hot topics of the day, week or month.

Now that you know ten easy ways to get comments, try a few today. Don't forget, sometimes you may not see results in the first few days or weeks but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. Keep asking questions and provoking responses and you'll have a busy blog after all.

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About the Author:

Affectionately nicknamed Tech Diva by her peers, Lynette Chandler regularly dispenses blogging and RSS help to countless business owners. Visit to learn more about blogging and get a copy of her video free.

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