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5 More Tips to Overcome Bloggers Block - Part 2

by Hendry Lee

If you are blogging a topic you really are passionate about or simply are interested to invest more time to learn then the whole process would be easier as you will see blogging as part of doing what you like instead of a boring and repetitive task.

With so many things to do and so little time, often when you are blogging, you are thinking about other things that perhaps you should be doing right now. For that reason, it is important that you realize how blogging will work only if you do it consistently.

If you begin to doubt about the benefits blogging can bring to your business, the first thing to realize is that it may just need some time before the results begin to appear.

You can't tell exactly when blogging may bring you the results you want because of many intangible things it can bring to your marketing. We can only measure the obvious results into metrics such as e-mail newsletter subscriptions and sales, but let's don't forget the viral, branding and many other effects that can't be easily tracked.

Letting yourself down could be one of the main reason you stumble over blogger's block.

Below are 5 more tips to overcome blogger's block:

1. Rejuvenate your body

Find a schedule and activity that fits you best. Spending too much time behind the computer can make your mind numb. Take a walk or do other activities to refresh your body. Some people find it quite helpful to take a bath and start anew, physically clean.

Spending time jogging in the morning helps your body rejuvenate. I put important things to do after that and it usually gets done.

2. Differentiate your posts

Doing the same things daily can easily get you stuck. Changing the voice or simply switching the format can put you in a different state of mind. For instance, if you usually post your research in article format, try to list them in bullet points. Not only are they easier to go through, but people will actually read them faster.

Bulleted or numbered points make it easy to write because you can write in chunk.

Instead of doing the same research, you can interview experts. Another idea may be to create a case study with a client you are working with to show people the kind of results you can achieve. Product review is another popular format.

3. Start anywhere

If you are stuck with a good angle to start your blog post, simply start anywhere. This article by itself -- which could possibly be a blog post -- starts from a list of 5 points. Once I started expanding each point, I came back to add a few paragraphs above these points.

The ideas start to flow when you write. Before then, I found a great closing.

4. It's like growing a tree

Set an achievable goal to grow your blog gradually. One hundred posts at a rate of one post a day for 100 days is better than 100 posts in a week, and then nothing for the rest of 3 months.

Grow your blog like a tree. Do it one step at a time prevent you from overwhelming yourself.

5. Minimize distractions

Typical tips to prevent distractions apply here as well. Turn off your email application, unplug your phone line, and let your family members know you don't want to be distracted.

Music can potentially inspire more ideas but if you keep tinkering with your music player, it becomes just another major distraction.

If you find yourself frequently miss your blogging deadline, make it a routine. Set aside some time where you simply have no alternative other than to finish writing your post. If you think blogging is that important, you will place it higher in the priority list and get it done.

Just remember: It is okay to pick some tips and stick to use them as procedures when you get stuck. And if you are worried about sticking to a routine for breaking blogger’s block, try rotating through each of these points.

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About the Author:

Hendry Lee helps small business owners use technologies to market their business online. Visit his blogs for frequently updated information about Small Business Blogging, and subscribe to the Weekly Business Blogging Tips Newsletter that helps you start and grow your business blog.

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