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Archives Category: Auctions

Your eBay Lifeblood: Customer Service
by Charles Hammer - So, you've put up your eBay listings and now it's time to sit back and let the cash flow grow. Sorry, being a successful seller on eBay isn't that easy. Selling merchandise on eBay is a business. While your choice of product is fundamental to the success of that business, customer service can be the make or break factor.

Create Winning eBay Auction Titles
by Chris Vendilli - It’s probably fair to say that one of the key reasons why many auctions end unsuccessfully on eBay is because people have got their auction title wrong.

How Long Should Your Ebay Auction Run?
by Kirsten Hawkins - When it comes to durations, you have a wide range of choices: your auction can run for 10, 7, 5 or 3 days, or even only one day if you have a good enough feedback rating.

Managing A Full-Time Job And An eBay Business
by Skip McGrath - Working a full-time job and running a profitable eBay business can be a real challenge. Some people seem to handle it with ease while others struggle.

Ebay Powerseller Secrets And Tips
by Eble Chen - I have compiled a list of ebay powerseller secrets so that you can learn from their experiences.

Selling Antiques & Collectibles Online: What You Need to Know to Get Started
by Martin Swinton - Some tips on selling antiques and collectibles on eBay.

Create Winning eBay Auction Titles
by Chris Vendilli - With the eBay marketplace is becoming ever more over-crowded, it’s now increasingly more important to create auction titles that work. You really do need to stand out from your rival eBay sellers.

11 Ways To Find Products To Sell On eBay
by Tim Knox - I was part of an eBay Roundtable discussion recently with six other experts and we all agreed that the number one question most new (and even old) eBay sellers ask is: "Where do I find things to sell on eBay??"

The Necessity of Starting Your Own eBay Store
by Joshua Watson - According to eBay, "over 75% of eBay store owners say that opening an eBay store has significantly increased their sales" (eBay, 2007). Quite simply, if you buy and sell on eBay, either as a hobby or full time job, you are falling behind if you don't have your own eBay store.

Ebay Basics: How To Keep Your Profits From Evaporating
by Steve Dempster - If you're fairly new to eBay, or business in general, you may be scratching your head and wondering why your profit isn't what it should be. This article looks at some ways to plug the profit hole and keep you afloat.

3 Tools For Product Sourcing On Ebay - Using Seller Central
by Chris Malta and Robin Cowie - You may have already discovered that selling on eBay can be fun and profitable. But after you’ve cleared out your garage and attic, and auctioned off everything your husband owns, where can you go to get new product ideas?

Buying and Selling Tips for Ebay
by Art Luff - A potential Ebay seller only needs a few simple things to put an item up for sale. If you're thinking about putting an item or items up for sale on Ebay or any other auction site here are several things you'll want to consider before you do.

Why Do Some Ebay Members Have Private Feedback?
by Dan Thompson - The above reason for making feedback private seems reasonable enough, however how do you know the eBay member isn't making their feedback private for more sinister reasons?

How To Determine What's Really Selling On Ebay
by Kirsten Hawkins - If you want to make the most money you can on eBay, then you need to know what sells. But how can you find that out?

Five Basic Things An eBay Store Must Do Right
by Jason Griffith - Having a store on eBay is an exciting venture, at least at the outset. You have visions of millions of eBay buyers who will be visiting your store, buy from you, and the money will just pour in. Anyone who has had an eBay store knows better.

Writing An Auction Page That Sells
by Aaron Turpen - Writing a successful auction page on any Online Auction site is the key to getting more bids and higher profits. Whatever you sell, you will need to make sure your items' ads are the best they can be.

Starting An eBay Franchise
by KB Lim - Starting an ebay drop-off franchise is fast catching on ebay. There are millions of buyers everyday on ebay.

How Long Should Your Ebay Auction Run?
by Kirsten Hawkins - When it comes to durations, you have a wide range of choices: your auction can run for 10, 7, 5 or 3 days, or even only one day if you have a good enough feedback rating.

Power of Words on Ebay
by James G.Peters - So, you're thinking you want to start selling on eBay. Well, before you get started, there are certain things you need to know -- IF you want your eBay auctions to make healthy profits!

Making More Money on Ebay
by Monika M. - Have you ever wondered how to make more money on Ebay? How do those power sellers make thousands of dollars a month on Ebay? What encourages buyers to bid on their item?

Online Auctions - Discover 6 Myths Surrounding Them
by Pradeep Aggarwal - Online Auctions are unmistakably among the hottest e-Sourcing technologies on the Internet business today. But what exactly is an online auction anyway and what are its benefits?

Hidden Market Research on Ebay, Amazon, and Others
by Kim Roach - Are you looking to provide interesting content to your visitors? How about popular in-demand products? Do you know what your target customer is really searching for online?

Scam, Fraud and Phishing – How To Avoid The eBay Plagues
by Brigitte Jaeger-Dabek - If you surf around a little on the internet, you can’t avoid hearing of the countless people, that have been scammed at eBay. It seems as if scam, fraud and phishing mails have become the plagues of eBay nowadays.

Finding The Right eBooks to Sell on eBay
by John Thornhill - Member name has been chosen, payment options have been arranged, and now you are ready to sell on eBay. This might be your first foray at eBay sales, or you might just be ready for a new product. Either way eBooks will surely help you make high profits while keeping costs astoundingly low.

Before You Sell On Ebay, Take The Most Important Step
by Isaiah Hull - If you want to earn a full-time income selling on Ebay, you must take the first and most important step in all successful business ventures: you must accept that it is possible.

Your Ebay Lifeblood: Customer Service
by Charles Hammer - So, you've put up your eBay listings and now it's time to sit back and let the cash flow grow. Sorry, being a successful seller on eBay isn't that easy.

How To Make The Most Of Your Ebay Auction
by Mark Woodcock - Though it is an easy way to unload your stuff, there are a few techniques involved with having a successful eBay auction.

Ebay Feedback
by Ken Charnley - Ebay feedback was designed to let you know a bit about who you are dealing with online. Is the seller ethical, does the buyer pay immediately or not at all?

Ebay - The Power Of The Misspell
by Shari Hearn -The last time I checked, you can find them on eBay, along with a number of basball caps and other misspelled items. Believe it or not, some people still don’t know how to spell check. But, bless their little misspelled harts, because you can use their errors to profit on eBay.

Ebay Auctions: Some Of The Oddest Items Ever Auctioned
by Mikel Beck - eBay has become the hotspot for people to sell strange items. Over the past few years, where eBay has grown from a virtually unknown web site to the leading online auction marketplace in the world, some very odd items and services have been offered up for auction on the site. Strangely enough, many of these strange items have sold for thousands even tens of thousands dollars.

Setting Realistic Goals for your eBay Business
by K.J. King - Having something to work towards is important. If everyone’s business plan, or goal, were simply, “Make More Money” most businesses would not succeed. Though you can’t practically say, “My eBay business is just like Microsoft”, I believe it is a mentality that gets us where we want to be.

Create Winning Ebay Auction Titles
by Chris Vendilli - With the eBay marketplace is becoming ever more over-crowded, it’s now increasingly more important to create auction titles that work. You really do need to stand out from your rival eBay sellers.

Is The Ebay Customer Always Right?
by Kirsten Hawkins - Of the course the customer is always right. If you want to be a successful eBay seller, you should go miles out of your way to make sure every single one of your customers is 100% satisfied, however much time or money it might cost you.

eBay and How to Buy Your Stock at Offline Auctions
by Avril Harper - I have probably seen it all as far as auctions go and, though I've been buying at auction for more than thirty years, I still make mistakes, still find things to surprise me. This article is designed to help you avoid most of the problems typically encountered by newcomers and old hands alike.

Ebay – A Great Way To Create Your Own Business
by Nell Taliercio - If you have been looking for a way to make some money from home, you have probably come across the idea of selling things on eBay. You can start an eBay business to make a little extra money to finance the family vacation, or you can turn it into a full-time business that pays all your bills, and more.

How I Made A Fortune On Ebay Using Dropshippers... And Then Lost It All
by Kevin Nobleman - My name is Kevin and I'm 24 years old. This is the true story of how during the summer of 2001, I made $40,000 selling dropshipped goods on ebay only to lose it all and end up with $4,000 of debt. Read my cautionary tale to prevent yourself from making the same mistakes that I made.

7 Ways To Outsell Other Ebook Resellers On Ebay
by Philip Ritchie - Whatever your dreams are, selling ebooks and software with resell or master resell rights can help make them a reality! But what if you are not a savvy internet marketer? Well, eBay is an easy and great place to start. It is also a great source of supplemental income even for seasoned resell rights marketers.

Having A Backup Plan For The Serious eBay Seller
by Mark Kenny - Not a day goes past when I here of some seller frustrated that eBay have pulled their auction listing. It is very easy to violate an eBay listing guideline without knowing, the first you’ll learn about it is when you receive an email from eBay.

An Introduction To eBay Consignment
by Terry Gibbs - After I started selling on eBay, I was approached by friends without computers who wanted me to sell their items for them. They had heard stories about the outrageous prices items some ebay auctions brought.

How To Make The Most Of Your Ebay Auction
by Mark Woodcock - Though it is an easy way to unload your stuff, there are a few techniques involved with having a successful eBay auction.

How To Avoid Negative Feedback On eBay
by Dan Thompson - If you are a seller on eBay, your feedback profile is the most important part of your business. One negative comment from an unscrupulous buyer could damage your reputation and more importantly damage your sales and profits! As a seller on eBay you want to avoid getting negative feedback comments at all costs, let me show you how to do this.

eBay Listing Tips
by Jennifer Clason - Believe it or not, the success or failure of your eBay Store comes right down to your listing practices.

How Your Business Can Take Advantage Of eBay
by Ryan Cameron - Recently online auction websites such as eBay have been on the hearts and minds of many business owners. Why so you ask? Simply put, there are millions of online auctions taking place as we speak. And you can bet your bottom dollar that many eBay sellers are raking in the dough.

Maximize your eBay Selling Potential
by Niall Mehaffey - Many people believe that to be successful on eBay, all you have to do is login and put up a few auctions. They believe that their products will naturally sell because they're on ebay. This is definitely not the truth. If you want to have maximum success then you have to work at it, improve your business and most importantly, promote your auctions. In this article I will tell you of a few things that you can do to sell more items on ebay.

eBay Success - Pricing Your Items Effectively
by Michael Saunders - Numerous new sellers don't realize the importance of pricing when it comes to eBay auctions. Some new sellers don't even realize that 'pricing' needs to be done. eBay is an auction site after all.

Consignment Sellers: Save Time & Money With Automation
by Brendan Coveney - Time is a valuable commodity for eBay Trading Assistants. Therefore, they should deploy business practices that allow them to reduce the time they spend on low-value tasks (administrative), and allowing them to refocus their energy on high-value elements, such as recruiting new business and marketing.

Make Money Tearing Up Old Books and Magazines and Selling Them on eBay
by Avril Harper - Vintage books and magazines were packed with prints and advertisements and other paper items which are not only interesting, but very collectable, and profitable, too. So many things derived from these old publications are hot sellers on eBay including: prints, advertisements, knitting and other craftwork patterns, recipes, how to articles, historical articles, music scores, stories and other out of copyright material … etc., etc, etc.Let me introduce you to just a few of these easy to find items.

How To Start a Business Selling on eBay
by Jose Valdez - Selling on eBay is gives you an opportunity to start a home based business. Many people have already started a home based business selling on eBay and many more will do the same. Virtually anyone can do it.

Ensure a Repeat Buyer with a Little Something Extra
by Stephanie Madison - There are many different ways to obtain a customer base, but I'd like to share the 2 I find most successful.

Ebay Auction Starting And Ending Day Strategies
by Kirsten Hawkins - It’s usually when auctions are about to end that they get half their bids – sometimes they even get their only bids. If you want your item to sell for a good price, then, it makes no sense to let it finish on a day and time when no-one’s going to be around to care.

Having Trouble Finding Items to Sell on eBay? Here's a Great Solution
by Douglas Hanna - If you're having a problem finding items to sell on eBay, you might want to consider a strategy called consignment selling.

How To Post Your First Ebay Auction in Five Simple Steps
by Ahmed S. Nassar - Ebay is the internet's largest marketplace, and it's an excellent place for buyers to find what they want at bargain prices, and for sellers to find buyers. If you haven't posted an auction on ebay before, It’s fairly simple to post your first auction on eBay. Just do the following five steps.

Scan Your Items for Online Auction
by Pamela Bruce - In some cases, a scanner provides better and clearer images for online auctions than a camera. Here are some tips on using your scanner for this purpose.

Keeping records of your Ebay business: Part 2
by Jason James - In part two, we are going to help you understand your tax responsibilities.

21 Success Strategies of eBay Powersellers
by Dave Espino - Among eBay sellers, there's a designation given to approximately 4% of them.These are eBay's "Powersellers", a group of auction sellers that is distinguished by the amount of volume they produce.

Keeping records of your eBbay business: Part 1
by Jason James - Keeping good records of your ebay seller business can make or break you in the long run. Here are 3 Reasons why it is essential to keep good records.

How To Find Products To Sell On eBay
by Jeff Schuman - Have you wondered how to find products to sell on eBay? One key for business success in eBay is sourcing products to sell. The first questions eBay sellers ask themselves are: "What can I sell?" and "Where can I buy?"

EBay Scams That You Need To Know About
by Jason Cooper - There are many eBay scams out there to keep an eye out for when you are buying or selling on eBay. This article will cover some of the known and not so well known scams to be aware of. Whether you’re a causal buyer or seller, or a professional on eBay, you need to know about these scams so that you can take measures to prevent or recognize if it’s happening to you.

How To Post Your First Auction On eBay
by Jason Cooper - It's very easy and simple to get started posting your first auction on eBay. This article will cover the steps you need to follow to get your first auction up.

Improve Your eBay Auction Selling Technique
by Jason James - There just is no doubt that auction selling is a great way to boost your income. The potential is certainly there for you to use Ebay auctions to save for retirement or even as your primary source of income. Like most things, however, there are some subtle techniques that can be used to transform an average Ebay auctioneer into a superstar that is courted by others to sell their wares as well.

Increase Your Response On eBay, Starting Right Now!
by Jason Cooper - Your auction is up and running. You’ve got bidders seeing your auction and looking things over. Now you just need to push them over the edge. This article will cover various ways to increase your bids from prospective buyers.

Ebay Shipping - 10 Tips To Start Right
by Mason Hipp - There are about as many different ways to ship ebay items as there are ebay sellers. That being said, there are many eBay sellers who don't ship using the correct packaging or the least expensive service. These 10 tips are written to help sellers get started shipping their ebay items correctly.

Avoiding Buyer Complaints on eBay Is Easy
by Ben Catt - Once you've sold a product on eBay and shipped it, the last thing you need is for the buyer to contact you to complain. If this happens you now have to spend extra time exchanging emails and trying to please them so they don't leave negative feedback or insist on a refund.Follow the points below and you will protect yourself against complaints and potentially messy refund/return situations.

From Seller To Buyer: Shipping Details For Ebay Auctions
by David Riewe - eBay is an online market/transaction facilitator. It merely becomes a means for the buyer and the seller to meet. It is also a regulating body that helps develop fairness of trades among parties. Shipping details for purchases over eBay is actually a misnomer. eBay is not responsible for the shipping details of an item.

Tips For Managing Multiple Ebay Auctions
by Kirsten Hawkins - It can be very time-consuming to keep your auctions ticking along, especially if you have hundreds listed at a time. Don't despair, though: there are a few things you can do to take the weight off you.

Net Auctioning…The Other Home Business
by Anita DeFrank - With net auctioning there is no start-up fees or risk involved. Remember that box of "treasures" in your attic? How about that bag of Susie's clothes that she's long grown out of but you haven't had the time to have a yard sale. Those are just a couple of ways that you can start auctioning immediately. Most auction sites allow you to list your items for sale for free or low cost so, again, no risk.

How to Create the Best Title for your Auction
by Brian McGregor - The auction title you use is vital, and you only have 55 characters to play with. In these 55 characters you have make sure you are returned in as many relevant searches as possible, and also persuade prospective bidders to click through to read your auction page. In effect the title is the heading of your advertisement.

How to Become an Auction Genius: A Radio Interview with "The Queen of eBay"
by George McKenzie - There are more and more stories surfacing about stay-at-home moms and retirees who have found a way to make a full time living buying and selling on eBay. But a selct few eBay entrepreneurs, Like Sydney Johnston, have learned the secrets of making more than a hundred thousand dollars a year on their eBay business.

The Power Of Ebay “store Newsletters”
by Kirsten Hawkins-eBay Stores come with a very powerful feature: store newsletters. When buyers add your store to their favourites, you can offer them the chance to join your mailing list. You can then send highly targeted emails to people who you know were at least interested enough in your products to add the store to their favourites.

Customer Loyalty At eBay?
by Aaron Turpen - Quick: how many customers that buy from you on eBay are return customers? Not sure? Here's a fast way to get an idea of the percentage.

Using Online Ebay Auctions to Promote Your Website
by Michael Turner - If you are looking for traffic to the e-commerce site, you should look no further than The Bay. The reason for this is is an online auction site that has a huge following and millions of hits on a daily basis.

7 Steps to Easier eBay Shipping
by John Lenaghan - The following 7 steps will help make your job easier when it comes to shipping, as well as get rid of the stress of waiting for the item to be delivered to the buyer.

Cash in Your Closet How to Get Started Selling Your Own Clothes on Ebay
by Lisa Thompson - What’s that rule again? If you haven’t worn it in six months, get rid of it? If we followed that rule, just about all of us would have a pretty decent pile of clothes that we should be getting rid of right now. What if I told you that you could earn some extra money by selling that clothing on eBay?

eBay Software and Services: From Analysis to Sniping
by Andy Geldman - You have probably heard of sniping and auction management, but there is much more to eBay software than that. There are hundreds of downloadable programs and web-based services out there for eBay buyers and sellers from a large, competitive, and innovative industry. This is a quick guide to the eBay software world.

How To Increase eBay Profits
by L. C. Peterson - Some sell on eBay to clean out their garage or attic. Some sell to make a little extra money here and there. But for some, eBay represents a chance to create a second income or start a home business. Product choice is important. But to really increase profit you must know how to increase the number and amount of bids per item. An eBay seller must maximize each product's profit margin.

Nine Simple eBay Selling Hints
by Terry Gibbs - Some of these eBay hints will save you money, others will result in higher prices. Either way, these will help you run more profitable eBay auctions.

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