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Small Business News

5 Ways To Explode Your Viral Marketing... - We all know that viral marketing can be a very effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website, but do all viral marketing tools have to be ebooks or little reports?Absolutely not.

6 Reasons You Must Submit Articles To E-zines - Writing articles to promote your website is, hands-down, one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website. The best part is that this strategy builds itself over long-term.

How To Select Wholesale Products - One key factor to succeeding in business is having products that are in hot demand. Your wholesale business needs to have the merchandise which resellers are being asked for by their customers.

Ezine Archiving: How Long Should I Keep My Email Newsletter Archives Up? - Your email newsletter articles should be archived forever and ever and ever amen.

Q&A: Phising Victim Falls Hook, Line and Sinker - I recently became the victim of identity theft. One evening, I received an e-mail from eBay (or so I thought) stating that my account would be suspended, possibly permanently terminated, if I didn't update my account information within 24 hours.

The Future Of Web Design Is Content Management! - More and more we are starting to see a shift in consumer demand for the increasingly popular website content management system.

12 Keys to Success for Home Party Plan Consultants - There are many things that will affect your success with a home party plan type of business, the faster you get started the faster you will make money & be successful at your new home business.

Cross Promoting Techniques that Work - Cross promotions are not a new idea. There are many ways to use cross promotions in your internet business that can be an effective and cost efficient way to advertise.

Truths and Lies of Internet Marketing - Pure hype reigns supreme on the Internet. The claims of huge downlines, 6 figure incomes overnight and massive mailing lists with no effort are complete drivel. Nothing is easy to make a go of and online it's no different.

What Do Your Web Site Statistics Mean, Anyway? - The purpose of analyzing your web site statistics is to look for trends and to research the success level of your marketing campaigns.

Planning the Design of Your Web Site - You are all set to give your business global exposure through the internet. It's about time you started building your web site, right? Wait. Have you planned for your web site? Planned? Yes, imagine what would happen to a house if you built it without planning it first.

Protect Yourself From Home Business Scams - The internet abounds with `business opportunities'. But before you hit the `send' button, take some time to investigate these claims. Some of them are legitimate, and some promoters do have sound advice or a marketable product for sale that can help you set up a profitable home business.

The Cost of Doing Business: How Do States Rank? - The Milken Institute recently released the latest version of its annual ranking of how states perform in terms of the cost of doing business.

Franchising - Franchising is about cutting YOUR risks when deciding to run your own business, by jumping on the band-wagon of a proven business enterprise and name: in effect, you are COPYING a proven product AND marketing system.

Build Your House File - As the online market matures and acquisition costs increase, online marketers should seriously consider building their house files. A strong house file, especially one that includes e-mail and postal addresses, helps build revenue.

PayPal Problems Continue to Plague Debit-Card Holders - PayPal users are again reporting problems with their PayPal debit cards. The first incident occurred right before the Labor Day holiday weekend when duplicate withdrawals were made from their accounts.

Service Mixes Ads in Blog Chatter - A new service would break down the walls between blogs' editorial and advertising content by matching up marketers and bloggers in a manner reminiscent of magazine advertorials.

Surviving Katrina: One Entrepreneur's Story - A New Orleans clinical lab owner weighs the future of her business as the floodwaters begin to subside in her hometown.

Selling Books Online: Book Listing Services vs. eBay - In the past, many people fulfilled a dream and opened brick and mortar bookstores only to find they could not pay the rent with walk-in traffic, or were squeezed out of business by chain stores such as Barnes and Noble and Borders. With the advent of online bookselling, all that has changed.

Quality Call Center Software - By allowing your calls to become automated, you have also freed up human error. There are many reasons why you should use call center software in your business. Can you think of any not to?

How Do You Measure Success? - You are a Mother and a housewife who decided to try something new, challenging and rewarding. So you start an online business. You work hard for 6 months and your income is just starting to trickle in. You are frustrated and close to giving up hope because you think you are a failure.

Little Known Ways To Make More Money With EBooks - There are a myriad of free information products on the internet today, and actually looking to make some more money out of the act of 'giving' them away can be a constant source of much frustration. Here is a list of some 15 points that should remove some of these frustrations and actually start to make a deal more money for the site owners.

A Simple Sales Strategy: Define What Selling Is! - See, feel and know that selling is serving. This will cause a big shift for you. With this perspective, you will really become passionate about wanting to help people. Find this passion and let it shine through.

30 Different Ways To Promote And Advertise Your WebSite - There are literally thousands of things you can do to promote and advertise your website, here are just a few I have found to work for me.

Know Your Product Before You Sell it - Product knowledge is by far the most important key ingredient to posses when it comes to selling your product.

11 Of The Best Places to Find Items to Sell on Ebay - Last Year over 20 Billion Dollars worth of product was sold on Ebay. (Yes Biilion with a "B"). Many people are earning $10,000 or more selling on Ebay. Many more would like to sell on Ebay but they face that big hurdle - Where Do I find Items to sell on Ebay. Here are the 11 Best Places to Find Items to sell on E-Bay.

HTML Email Deliverability Tip: URL Unity - When delivering your HTML email newsletter, many ISPs and email software clients are implementing phising detection schemes that help give their members better information about the credibility of the emails they receive. Today, you're going to learn about "URL Unity" - A concept that will help you improve your click through rate and deliverability.

Hottest Small Business Trends - Trend watching has emerged in big business as a discipline of business management and a popular topic among top media publications and futurists. Small business can benefit from trend watching, too. This week's feature is on the hottest trends for business of all sizes.

Usability: One Sure Way to Maximize Sales (and Increase Conversions) - Attracting prospective clients and customers to your site is only half the struggle—the other half is actually making the sale or conversion.

A Sure-Fire, 10-Step Formula - To Get Started As A Coach Or Consultant - Here is my sure-fire 10-step formula to quickly get started as a coach or consultant. And, if you are a well established practitioner, these ten tips may just give you the swift kick in the pants you need to re-invigorate your marketing.

Tips for Finding the Best Home Business Opportunity - If you are considering a home business opportunity, make sure it is the best choice for you before you dive in to it.

Should I Put my Business Online? - Does your business need to be online or are you just reacting to the growth of e-commerce in fear of missing out on the action?

How to Get Your Customer Talking - Before we can sell our products to our prospective customers, we must first get to know them and their needs. The best way to do this is to get them talking.

Promote Your Blog - Well, you've joined the others and have created a blog. It is time to tell the world about your online journal. Most blog services generate an RSS feed. If your blogging software does not create an RSS feed, consider using software like FeedForAll to create an RSS feed. Like blogs, RSS is growing in popularity and is a great way to spread the word about a new blog.

The Art and Science of Retail Displays
You can have the best merchandise in the world but if you don't display it properly, customers will pass it by. Use these tips to create stellar displays that'll skyrocket your sales.

Should You Telework/Telecommute - There is much more to being a teleworker then working in your PJ's or working when you want to. Yes, those are nice benefits to teleworking, but you'd be surprised by how much work goes into working from home. You usually have to work 10 times harder and longer then in your traditional job outside the home.

What You Need To Know Before Joining Affiliate Programs - An affiliate program is a revenue-sharing arrangement, whereby the affiliate (you), receives payment from the owner of a product or service that you promote on their behalf. They are also called Associate Programs, Re-seller Programs, Commission or Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Click and Click-Through Programs.

What do you do if your art or craft work isn’t selling? Get a job, right? Wrong! - Often you will find pieces of your work selling well in stores and going nowhere at art and craft shows, and vice versa. Some items simply don't sell in every market, but this doesn't mean the product won't sell elsewhere or that you should stop making it.

Tale of the Broken Light Fixture: A Target Audience Analogy - Someone knows someone who can do some great flash graphics, or one of the programmers comes up with a cool javascript or the designer builds a knockout design with non-standard navigation. You think it's cool and it brands your company as cutting edge. Your office users can use it fine (with a little coaching at first.) And yet, your web results are lousy.

Everything I Needed to Know About Article Writing I Learned from My English Teacher - By now you probably understand how important writing for trade publications is to establishing credibility in the home business world. On to the first hurdle: how do you get past that HUGE writers' block? How do you know what to write about, and how do you make it unique, informative and interesting?

Succeed With Your Online Business - Look at all of the Internet businesses now that are very successful and provide service worldwide. Are you a woman with a dream? If you know how to use a computer in even the most basic sense, utilize your savvy with an online business.

Is Someone Passing Off as Your Business? - If your business becomes successful, you need to be aware of the potential threat of unscrupulous businesses trying to pass themselves off as your company.

Secret Guide To Help You Succeed In Your Home Based Business - As a beginning home based business entrepreneur, you wanted to discover the basic strategies that catapulted to the top today's leaders in the business world. But before you could embark on a successful Internet venture, you must prepare yourself for the task ahead. Why? Because the road ahead is laced with victory and defeat.

Finance Your Small Business: So Much Money, So Little Time - Getting your company financed is one of the hardest things you will ever do as an entrepreneur. It can be hugely frustrating, disappointing and genuinely discouraging. But lots of entrepreneurs do it. And so can you. Get the Nos out of the way and go for Yes! The exhilaration of the handshake sealing the deal is unlike any other transaction in business.

Love At First Site: Giving Your Website Visitors The Right Impression - When people do a search for something they want to buy, they usually have many sites to choose from. If yours does not impress them right off the bat, it takes about five seconds for them to find another that does show them what they want to see. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. You are just one among many. So what do people want to see, you ask? There are 3 standards of website excellence, and they are the same standards you would use to judge your blind date.

Manage the Experience Gap During Downtime - We all struggle with planned and unplanned site outages. Thankfully, most customers understand sites can go down periodically for maintenance and enhancements. A few thoughts for when you must take a site down.

Amazon Raises Seller Commission Fees...Sort of - Amazon is changing the way it displays its fees to its Marketplace sellers, it announced late on Monday. While Amazon says this won't impact the amount of money sellers receive for marketplace sales, the company is in effect changing its commission structure.

Pay Per Call Advertising is Growing - While pay per call advertising is still relatively new, it is not experimental. It is very real, and it is taking place now.

Surprise Your Clients Once In A While - Most everyone loves surprises. That's what wrapping paper is all about. Unveiling the unknown and fully appreciating the unexpected. Every now and then it's fun to throw a surprise at your clients and customers as well. Here's one of my favorite techniques.

The Basics of Money Management - Before you start making money, you've got to figure out how you're going to accept payments, establish payment and credit terms, and manage your finances. This how-to will help.

New Site Allows Shoppers to Compare and Share - Online merchants take note; there may be a new venue in which to win over new customers or get into the minds of online shoppers. today announced the launch of its new shopping community site “to help online consumers find and share the best deals, insider news and reviews of the online shopping experience.

Stepping Outside the WAHM Zone - Advertising to others in business is not going to create the most sales for you. What will create more sales is being an active member of a community that's filled with your potential customers without a competitor in sight.

How To Build a Business With Attitude - Practice sincere gratitude several times throughout your day. In this way you are able to stay connected with an attitude of increase and recognize abundance as it comes your way.

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